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ももち Female only

Living in the nearest Minami-Fukuoka near the station 1DK, I Hyakusen, nice.
It is women.
When you try to find a job in Fukuoka, I think you take money and to various moving expenses to the hotel.
I also see that the feeling at the local origin.
I think it is the kana can not be some …

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三軒茶屋house 個室あり

In Sangenjaya.Easy access to Shibuya (4 mins by train).
Quiet residential area. Popularity and convenient location.
12 min walk to Sangenjaya station.
close to many nice park, organic supermarket, convenience store.

Common Space & Facility:
- Huge culture magazine
- spacious living …

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りのべーたー 個室あり

To reform the built more than 40 years of old houses, currently 1 male, 1 female to have share in, please let recruited status quo remaining three persons.
Mainly people of 20 to 30 generations has become a center.
Western-style 6 tatami ¥ 39,000 rooms and 4.5 Pledge ¥ 36,000 is the recruitment of …
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うっちー 個室あり

Nice to meet you!
We're looking for a person who in the room share.
Location is in the Adachi Kitaayase
It is a luxury condominium of about 10 minutes' walk from the station.
Better reason that led to the current application you were previously living together
It is for the move.
The …
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FURA 個室あり

6 tatami I Western-style one room recruits.
* The following room facilities *
Double bed
Air conditioning
* The following shared facilities *
The bath
Drying function with washing machine
Washlet toilet
* The following conditions *

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kyon 個室あり

Marunouchi Line first train, we will recruit a share mate in House of about 10 minutes' walk from Ogikubo Station of JR Chuo Line.

The rooms are private room with a course key in 6-mat of Western-style room.

Shared space living facilities such as a large TV and sofa are also substantial, …

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さはら 個室あり

It was decided to leave the property you are living now.
Therefore, there is a steep, but I'm looking for a property.
(This is the same day residents hope)
It includes some of household goods as there are pets.
This dispatch is fixed, it's the office at certain companies.
So we get us …

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のりちゃん 個室あり

2-minute walk from the station near Meitetsu Seto Line Amake-zaka Station.
5ldk of location preeminent room.
Age is
It is an old but beautiful building in.
It is a shared space large and comfortable space.
Foreign students are also welcome.

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Fun Sugosere if location anywhere is good.

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I will be away for a while at work.
Its between, isn't there a person who borrowed?
I have all household goods.
Environment may be useful.
RC3f corner room.

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