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09/03 21:13

MAX7 people
Male dormitory 2 people
5 women dormitory
25,000 yen + service charges 5,000 yen
(Water, utility costs,, Home Appliances: range, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, etc.)
[Move cost]
Initial cost key money 10,000 yen

09/03 18:23
Single Room non-smoking

All rooms is a new clean room that was just completed renovation
A 4-minute walk from Asakusabashi Station Sobu Line, Toei Asakusa Line
JR Yamanote Line. Hibiya Line Akihabara 9-minute walk from the station
Oedo Line Shin-Okachimachi Station, and is within walking distance of the Yamanote Line Ok …
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09/03 17:27

DORMITORY for ¥15,500 @ Yokohama

Looking for roommates who would share a fully furnished, small-sized room for an affordable price.
The location is only three minutes away from the nearest station, and it takes less than five minutes to Yokohama station.

It is entirely operated by a college s …
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09/03 16:56

How do you do.
It called Mocha that are currently living alone.
We are looking for people that brings a room to share together we want he moved towards the Mitaka from next year.
Age does not matter either their 20s ~ 30s men and women.
Number of people is scheduled for a few people, but we thou …

09/03 10:12
Single Room non-smoking

Why do not you live in Ginza and Tsukiji area?
Location immediately adjacent to the Tsukiji Fish Market! ! Ginza also immediately Tokyo the middle of on foot, private room of 74,000 yen per month
The rooms will be in the room at the 6-mat + storage
House, now a total of There are five room now Ja …

09/03 10:05
Single Room non-smoking

Why do not you share in Kichijoji town that you want most to live in Tokyo?
An 8-minute walk through the Inokashira Park from Kichijoji Station, a 1-minute walk from Keio Inokashira Inokashira Station (which is in front of the station of the eye)
Because it is close to the Kichijoji Station, all t …
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09/02 22:33
Single Room non-smoking

2 rooms have been left over in the House.
6 tatami (with cooler installation) month ¥ 25,000
6 tatami (no cooler installation) month ¥ 20,000
Parking is free.
Day good, because the garden is wide, who are interested in home garden, please contact us.
39-year-old woman after one year later is a …
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09/02 17:12
Single Room non-smoking

September 2, 2015 Post
For the first time the room share, and will be about a year.
So was out this time dismissed person, I will be recruited.
Key money such as initial cost is not required.
Now you can immediately move.
Yes room of the image in the home page
http://osakakakuregaaaa.web.fc2.c …
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09/01 16:08
Female only

I'm Sayuri come from Vietnam. I need one girl to share renting cost. Total cost is 84,000 yen/month, each person 42,000 yen/month. If you need please notice me.
Address: Room number 312, First house yokohama aoba.
35-4, shiratoridai, aoba ku, yokohamashi, kanagawa …

09/01 12:39
Single Room non-smoking

Hibiya Line is 3DK a 5-minute walk from the direct Tobu Isesaki Matsubaradanchi.

We will lend you the 2LDK of one room.
(You can choose either of Western-style or Japanese-style 6-mat )

Rent one month ¥ 40,000.

And us live more than six months and habitable and more so hope long people wi …
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