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02/08 08:50

good afternoon
22-year-old man is.
From coming back working holiday, looking for a place to live in I want to look for a job in Tokyo.
It is hope in the initial cost without 1000 JPY per day Date pay.
Yamate is the area hope it is all right if the 23 wards.
We urgently looking so thank you for …

02/07 21:37
Single Room non-smoking

A room will be available on March 2nd
Two story house with 8 bed rooms, 2 bathroom which is located in the central Naha
7 minitus to Asato station and a supermarket, 15 minutes to Kokusai street
All electric appliances, 2 fridges, 2 washing machines, micro wave, 4 rice cockers, whatever
Each ro …

02/07 19:06

From mid-May I am looking for a few months habitable house from the short-term.
The 31-year-old man abroad, share house in Japan, is a shared room life experience.
Tobacco does not suck, but liquor is fleas.
Cuisine also in its own way.
Because it works is not such thing as seep into the house.

02/07 16:52
Single Room non-smoking

* Introduction of the room
In two-story wooden, there is a kitchen and bathroom, toilet and one room on the first floor.
When up the stairs from the entrance there are two rooms is the right side of the room.
Also well west and south and the window on the north side there are two three day.
Here …
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02/07 14:31

Tokyu Meguro Line Nishikoyama Station from (from 3 Station / 5 minutes Meguro) of the photo studio at the 6-minute walk
Office is a share offering,
Equipment is COMET CX-244 2400w × 3 CL-2500 2500w × 2 other flash head is located in a total of 12 lights.
Product photography, portraits (back paper …
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02/07 01:33
Female only

I’m a 27 year old woman living in Saitama Prefecture.
I’m currently looking for someone who I can share my apartment with because I want to save money and improve my English.
My room is not that big, but it is clean enough for you to live. The bath and toilet is separate and you are welcom …
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02/07 01:00
Single Room non-smoking

Share House and renovation of the Japanese house is we finished.
Currently, Spanish and Israelis and Japanese began life.
[Location - the nearest station]
● Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
→ Odakyu Line, Keio Inokashira "Shimokitazawa" an 8-minute walk from the train station
Shibuya Station to 3 m …
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02/06 10:38
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for tenants in the house of Sangenjaya.
[Location - the nearest station]
● Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
→ Denentoshi "Sangenjaya" a 12-minute walk from the train station
※ to Shibuya 4 minutes by train.
1 station by express.
※ also walk can go to Komazawa Park.
※ If the …
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02/06 10:32
Single Room non-smoking

House details
There are six rooms in total.
Toilet two places, shower room one place, are also available washing machine, dryer.
In addition, you can use a wireless LAN can view the CATV in the large living room.
4-minute walk from the Hatsudai Station, will be a 12-minute walk from yoyogiuehara …

02/05 19:34
Single Room non-smoking

Omotesando 8 minutes, Shibuya, looking for a person who to share 15 minutes of flat from Harajuku.
Net, flooring 6-mat with storage, bus Restroom, is 75,000 yen / month in utility costs is included in the room rate.
Furniture consumer electronics product is equipped with one through.
Only the fut …
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