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02/23 23:08
Single Room non-smoking

We've renovated Japanese traditional house to beautiful share house.
Good access to everywhere,especially SHIBUYA(3 mins by train),SHINJUKU(9 mins by train).
8 min walk to SHIMOKITAZAWA station.
Quiet residential area. Popularity and convenient location.
There are many excellent restaurant …

02/23 16:40
Single Room non-smoking

In case of moving in March, this month's free rent! ! (Only a few rooms left!)
A beautiful newly built room!
· Private room with key 56,000 yen ~!
· Common service fee 10,000 yen (including utilities and net fee)
· Available for both men and women
※ On the facility, 2F is female priority

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02/23 12:41

Apartment spread near the station
I am looking for one who can borrow from over 3 months.
There is a window in the direction facing south on the second floor, it is ventilated, and the view is also good.
Since we will contact you sooner or later,
Please send me an e-mail with a brief self-introd …

02/23 00:04
Single Room non-smoking

[Okinawa · Yomitan Village]
The most populous village in Japan. Yomitan village.
Located just in the middle of the main island of Okinawa, there is a famous beautiful ocean, such as Cape Zampa, there is a vast sugarcane field, a commercial facility,,, Okinawa-like landscape and living is well-bala …
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02/21 20:03
Single Room non-smoking

Shin Okubo Station 8 minutes on foot
Okubo Station 5 minutes on foot
Immediate accommodation possible
It is a feeling to share 1K with two people.
Please use free of charge for sanitary goods.
Furniture household appliances
Men and women from 20 to 30 years old
Foreigners are welcome, Interna …

02/21 14:23
Single Room non-smoking

go-getter's house [consciousness high system share house @ Saginuma]
This share house is cheap share house for the high consciousness is doing, which is aimed qualification of acquisition and venture, interns and residents.
Fulfilling environment for high conscious residents have been appoint …
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02/19 21:22
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

I'm 32 years old, female profession who works for an American financial firm. I'm not home most of the time.

I'm looking for a house mate to share my apartment with. Its about 14 mins walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station (bus is available). Its very close to Meguro Dori, it's easy …

02/19 18:13
Single Room non-smoking

15 minutes on foot from JR Ninomiya Station (1 Km).
It is 450 meters from the bus stop.
To Odawara, it is 15 minutes by JR, 8 minutes by Hiratsuka, 40 minutes by Yokohama, and 1 hour and 13 minutes by Shinkansen Shinjuku Rapid Shinku line to Shinjuku.
It is a quiet town facing the sea of ​​Shonan …
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02/19 12:21
Single Room non-smoking

Tokyo's most convenient area In the vicinity of Shinjuku Station, private room house with a key is looking for a roommate!
It is a good location with a 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.
Urban center access is outstanding ♪
Oedo Line Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station 8 minutes, JR Okubo Stat …
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02/16 12:04
Single Room non-smoking

It is 10 minutes to Shinjuku, 2 minutes to Sasazuka station, 4LDK small group.
Both short term and long term are OK.
Property information will be below.
2-minute walk from Keio Line Sasazuka Station, 3 minutes to Shinjuku.
Rent ¥ 53,000, utility bill Crowd number 3000 ~ 5,000, 4.0 tatami
Privat …
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