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09/19 16:13
Single Room non-smoking

It is a share house in Osaka Sakai city, Kitanoda.
Japanese old style house like a large and beautiful with a Japanese garden.
Japanese bed "Futon" in the room of the Japanese-style room, you feel like ryokan ♪

Shared room 15000 yen / month
Private room 30000 yen / month

Security …
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09/18 09:39
Single Room non-smoking

Why do not you live in a house with a well-decorated design with a 5-minute walk (about 10 minutes on foot to JR Higashi Nakano) on the Marunouchi line, Oedo Line Nakanojinosaka Station?
New energy saving household appliances and bus x 2 toilet x 2 are also installed.
Also, unlike a general share …

09/18 02:32
Single Room non-smoking

I am a lecturer on internet business.
It is the only share house in Japan that the owner manages.
It was a share house specialized for women for a long time, but I felt that there were quite a lot of people who were in trouble with money.
Even if I work late from morning to always late in such a …
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09/15 10:23

There is no security deposit · key money · renewal fee It is a detached rent for half month.
Contract type normal lease house contract
Building Structure Detached / Wooden
Built in November 1977
Locality / Floor 2 stories
Parking lot available (with available)
Motorcycle storage site Motorcycl …
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09/13 17:06

Subletting 30 square meter furnished room for a month till November. It's 10 min walk
from JR Koenji station which is few stops from Shinjuku and Kichijoji.
Negotiable for date move in and out.
Message me for more detail. ┏○ペコ …
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09/12 14:57

The first 60 days is 27,000 yen / 30 days.
Since then, large bed 36,000 yen, small bed 33,000 yen / 30 days.
In deposit 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen refunded upon departure.
Utility bills None.
Showers, washing machines, Dryers :100 yen.
The room is dormitory.

Metro Marunouchi Line, Nakano-Sh …

09/09 15:00
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

· 2nd floor room A, good hitting, less packing direction (staying longer than half a year)
· 8 minutes on foot from Komaba Tōma Oimae Station West Exit, near the Toshi International High School, a quiet residential area
· Individual operation, manager's separation, non-smoking indoor all room …
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09/08 18:54

Apartment spread near the station
I am looking for one who can borrow from over 3 months.
There is a window in the direction facing south on the second floor, it is ventilated, and the view is also good.
Since we will contact you sooner or later,
Please send me an e-mail with a brief self-introd …

09/07 14:44
Female only

Thank you for seeing.
We are looking for a woman who can share a room with me.
Age up to 31 years old please.
Because the room is dirty, it is provided free of charge.
When you move in, we will take a confirmation, copy, photograph of identification card.
We will also do simple help etc.
Af …
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09/06 23:55
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

We are sharing a house with a garden in Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, with three people.
6 tatami mats (Kyoto) among the 2 rooms on the 2nd floor are available, we are looking for people who can move in from late September or early October.
You can observe the room at any time.
Good sunlight.
There is a la …
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