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05/14 13:20
Single Room non-smoking

Im foreigner, 33 years old , learning Japanese and open minded guy. I am looking for a Cheap or shared room/Private room near
Max 40min away from JR Kanda station. Because i have very low budget. I would stay for a month or two.

I can help with you you in English/ Cooking Computer b …

05/14 13:11
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05/13 17:24
Single Room non-smoking

About a 1-minute walk from "Heiwajima Station" on the Keihin Kyuko Line! It is a unisex share house that is very convenient for commuting to work or school because it is near a super station.
Because it is near the station, there are many restaurants nearby.
You can live with pea …

05/13 13:01
Single Room non-smoking

Currently, I live in a detached 4LDK in Kobe, but due to various reasons, I plan to make it a share house and move to it as soon as the room is full.
(I will move there because there is a place to live nearby)
We are looking for 3 rooms from now on, so I hope that the trouble can be composed only …

05/12 21:32
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

* Room A tenants have been decided.
Currently, only Room B is available.
Within Tokyo commuting distance!
It is a share house of "Fujishiro Station" in Toride City, which has very good access to Tokyo and Chiba.
(Ueno-Fujishiro 38 minutes)
It is a share house where the owner a …
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05/11 13:08
Single Room non-smoking

You can move in immediately!
Those who want a new room, near the station, a private room with a key, and a beautiful room
Three routes available
(JR Joban Line / Hibiya Line /
Tsukuba Express Line)
No transfer to the following stations
✿ 2 minutes from Asakusa Station
✿ 6 minutes from Ueno St …
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05/09 16:12
Single Room non-smoking

no any other conditions. …

04/29 18:29
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04/26 09:31
Single Room non-smoking

Located in a quiet residential area, with a small number of share members of three, you can live quietly.
There is a rooftop and a garden.
When you go out to the rooftop, you can enjoy a lot of sun and the outside scenery.
Although the garden is small, even if you can touch the soil, it has a hea …


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