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09/29 03:39
Single Room non-smoking

Utilities miscellaneous expenses included, or is troublesome how calculation hate people?
5km to 2.5km Hakata Station to Tenjin.
① There is a free Western-style 6 tatami private room.
1 km to subway Ohori Park Station, and the bus stop (# 68 bus), it is the front of the convenience store eyes but …
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09/28 11:03

1LDK · 30 square meters less than auto lock bidet, the top floor angle room, washing machine, refrigerator, desk, chairs
I come out in Tokyo, but I lend because not afford to not cancel not after only one month from the tenants.
You can long-term, even in the short-term.
Preliminary inspection is …
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09/27 19:23

Around 30 age Japanese Women of.
Shibuya close to the workplace will be out suddenly in the lived was rebuilding of the apartment, looking for a room to live in the vicinity of Meguro and Gotanda.
Because it does not matter in such a limited time.
I want to ask if you have any conditions.
A beau …

09/27 14:33
Single Room non-smoking

Foreigner discount !!

Please contact us for rental cost!!

【E-mail address】:
【skypeID】: takumihada

☆☆☆There is a limited time bonus → bicycle gift  (Two Limited First come, first served)☆☆☆

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09/26 20:06
Single Room non-smoking

Misaki-cho (downtown), 15 minutes' walk ♪ Ferry Terminal
Super convenience store, drugstore, park nearby (* ^^ *)
Because with furniture, home appliances and bedding in the bag one OK! Short-term tenant of course OK! !
Why do not you started a leisurely Ishigaki life on the rooftop with a vi …
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09/26 16:03

Thank you for taking a look.
Guest house in Okinawa Prefecture Nakijin "Mar Yui from the north," My name is representative Shimozono.
In the off-season and the dormitory in the part of the room.
Period is scheduled until mid-December from October
It is perfect for alternating c …

09/25 13:07

Hello, my name is ludo. I'm french, I can speak a little english and japanese (near medium level).
I'm 24 years old, student in japanese. I'm looking for place to stay near takadanobaba or nishi-waseda.
Nice to meet you. …

09/24 18:45
Single Room non-smoking

Thank you for taking a look! I am looking for roommates.

★Wifi is available(for free)
★Three storied
★It takes four minutes to walk from Honan Station (Metro Marunouchi Line) to this house.
★There are a grocery store, convenience store and DIY sore near this house.
★There are four private roo …
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09/22 22:31
Single Room

It lends 3LDK as a share house in Utsunomiya.
Address Utsunomiya Higashiyanaze 1-chome
There is a convenience store near
Hotels near the city
There is bicycle storage
Month of rent is 20000 yen
Utility costs 3,000 yen of the month
Western-style 6 tatami you are vacant 2 room.

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09/22 17:42

I'm looking for a room to sleep in the middle of the night.
(from Mon. to Thu. (On Fridays, I go back to my own house))

Personal management, share house, guest house (private or dormitory), such as share office,
does not matter what kind of form.
Prefer to use free Internet and shower.


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