Private preeminent house with adult women for ♪ room

No.176560 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? anjera
Region ? Osaka HigashiSumiyoshi
Date posted 2016/08/25 07:11
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2016/08/25 10:37
Rent ? 45,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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There is limited discounts come sideways for from abroad, such as foreign students! ! !
Janitor with a Japanese teacher qualifications we will support gently.
Please contact us ♪
A 4-minute walk from JR Yamato line (Kansai line) nearest station, one to Tennoji Station 3 minutes
Good location ♪ of transfer without the 4 station 12 minutes to Namba
Abenobashi Terminal Building and Abeno Q's there is a mall, Abeno-is to Tennoji people station 3 minutes of a good location! Do not spend relaxing in private preeminent house with adult women is a dedicated House ♪ apartment on the top floor ♫ ​​clear ♫
And auto-lock entrance and security cameras, it is safe in the security preeminent because it live caretaker downstairs ♪
To share house dedicated floor there is no entry and exit of non-share mate, are lined with two of the House, each independent.
"Angela", Nordic taste "Fata" girly taste.
Each is a private preeminent of the house with a very relaxed ♪
(Angela 3 room / Fata 3 room /)
It is good with pets! Good news for anyone who wants ♪
Within the share house pet tenants ban, but it is only possible your move if you want to bred in 1K private room downstairs.
Of course residents Mr. and out of the share house at any time is free ♪
(1K private room 24 Rooms)
● House private room No. 1 chamber (Fata) rent 45,000 yen 6 Pledge angle room
● House private room No. 3 room (Angela) rent 50,000 yen 6 Pledge angle room
● 1K private room No. 3 room (for downstairs alone) Rent 51,000 yen 12.8 Pledge
(1K private room only bath and toilet separate, kitchen, refrigerator, equipment with two tenants, such as a washing machine OK pet tenants OK)
※other expenses
● management common expenses House private room is included water-heat net at 10,000 yen / month.
1K private room is included water-heat nets in the house at 6,000 yen / month.
● initial cost deposit 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen deposit the occasion of 1K pet tenants
● fire insurance House private room is 4,100 yen / year 1K private room 15,000 yen / year
※ There is limited discounts come sideways for from abroad, such as foreign students.
Please contact us.
Since the top floor of, day-Kazedori-view is excellent.
"Photo courtesy of fashionable interesting floating Sun Media Sheep real estate"

Japan accommodation ダイニング
Japan accommodation ダイニング
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