Tokyu Toyoko Line "Hiyoshi Station" 2-minute walk

No.177599 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? serujiomendesu
Region ? Yokohama Kounan
Date posted 2016/09/20 01:05
Rent ? 45,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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One room of Hiyoshi Station near the apartment 2DK we would like to share.
You can rent from around mid-October.
Is utility costs is included in the room rate.
This time, the time being due to the wife of the return home, we want to share with someone.
I myself, in Japan, so we have experienced share living abroad, we will respect the private.
From mid-October 2016 until May 2018
※ However, since there is also a possibility to cancel within the above-mentioned period, please be the case, to consult in advance.
45,000 yen
Utility costs water bill is included in the room rate
1 minute 2 minutes walk from Hiyoshi Station
Mansion third floor 2DK
Corner room sunny.
Veranda spread.
In a quiet environment, we have some number of years is passed, but it is a beautiful property.
Please choose you like your flooring or tatami room.
Both are 6-mat.
However, since storage space is not only in the tatami room,
If you get to choose the tatami room,
You will be asked to keep in my other than clothing personal belongings either of the closet (located two).
(Photos and record is the center)
Bath and kitchen, as well, such as the toilet is clean.
Nearby Tokyu Store Chain and supermarkets, daily life there is a convenience store is very convenient.
You can also enjoy walking or jogging.
For local residents also Irassharu very quiet life,
Please refrain from the person who is the music and dance in a loud sound in the room.
Smoking thank you on the veranda.
I ask you to submit the identity certificate.
Men and women unquestioned.
Please give me 50,000 yen on arrival as a security deposit.
This is in preparation for the such as rent of non-payment damage,
At the time of pre-contract is money that I would like you to keep in deposit to me.
Of course, it returns in the course full amount when it was state there is no problem at the time of surrender.
Invitation to friends and acquaintances, family rooms I think that when you are told to both advance.
Other, please consult anything is that of daily life.
[Share furniture]
Refrigerators, state-of-the-art washing and drying machines, bath, toilet, washroom, tableware, televisions and the like.
[Lend to the room]
Futon is possible lending.
Net environment we have established.
In one of the weekends and holidays,
Please you'llcome to introspection certainly beforehand.
Even if you call us it is fine.
[When you leave]

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