Luxurious share house in Naha Kume

No.177835 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? okioki_surf
Region ? Okinawa
Date posted 2016/09/26 07:47
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2016/09/26 07:50
Rent ? 35,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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It is a luxurious share house in Naha Kume.
Surfing Wakeboarding Diving
Snorkeling · BBQ, etc. Anyway sea and Okinawa Life
We have wanted to enjoy Once everyone.
Not'm play only, firmly work, play Gattsuri
I am doing a fun such members.
※ residents we have everyone work ww
In Okinawa, and, anyway those who love the sea you are thinking about immigration
I want to go to the sea, such as those who members to go together is absent
Including sea favorite members, fun life and many people
We believe that if possible.
[Recruitment of the room]
8LDK, among all the rooms full private room with a key
This is an 8-mat tatami private room (Storage room).
Men and women OK.
6 tatami flooring than April 7 is also possible tenants.
The veranda is also flower beds, I have been very spacious.
Home garden, laundry, sunbathing, etc. from Dried futon, usage is free.
[Recommended point]
Until Monorail Asahibashi Station 10-minute walk of a good location (900m)
· Makkusubaryu (super) 6-minute walk (500m)
Convenience store, bank 1 minute walk
[Etc .. occupancy conditions]
Steady job people over 20 years old you have a - (up to 35 years old)
And joint life rules, manners, etc. common sense judgment, the person who can act
-House, can not be smoking on site
And guarantee people unnecessary
· Identification
Deposit rent one month
※ At the time of departure, we will return after subtracting the ¥ 10,000.

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