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No.177971 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? Kawasaki
Region ? Osaka
Date posted 2016/09/29 09:05
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2016/09/29 09:47
Rent ? 25,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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Thank you for finding my house!^_-☆
Sorry, The smoking person isn't accepted.

★Private bed room A (20㎡)・・・One month 35,000yen. (Max 4person)
(Additional charge)
※Water charge ¥2,000/Common-area charge ¥3,000 per person
(Prepayment discount) 2month Total -5000yen,3month -15000yen.
※If you can pay 2month first, Total 75000yen.
※If you can pay 3month first, Total 105000yen.

★Private futon room B (10㎡)・・・One month 25,000yen. (Max 2person)
(Additional charge)
※Water charge ¥2,000/Common-area charge ¥3,000 per person
(Prepayment discount) 2month Total -5000yen,3month -15000yen.
※If you can pay 2month first, Total 55000yen.
※If you can pay 3month first, Total 75000yen.

★Room A and B (Entire discount )・・・One month 50,000yen. (Max 6person)
!!!Pocket WiFi and Car parking Free!!!

(Additional charge)
※Water charge ¥2,000/Common-area charge ¥3,000 per person
(Prepayment discount) 2month Total -5000yen,3month -15000yen.
※If you can pay 2month first, Total 105000yen.
※If you can pay 3month first, Total 150000yen.

★Car parking....One month 5000yen

Cozy room & many famous big restaurants around my house!
Easy from TENNOUJI (Abeno) in 14min by KINTETSU train.
Big room and many famous big restaurants around my house(¥100-Sushi)etc.
You can go 2-min walk to very cheap supermarket.

This share house have 2nd floor,we rent 1st floor of front BIG room (A) and Middle Room (B).
Room (A) room is can stay 4adults. (2 semi D bed)
Please refer to a photograph.

Room (B) have 2 futons (Japanese mattress) .
This room is 10㎡.
This room is usually used by 2adults.

There is one common restroom and one common bath room (with tub).
(Kitchen,Bath room,Toilet is share.)

Kitchen with utensils available, should you prefer to cook for yourself‼︎
Please enjoy your stay.
We wish you an unforgettable and relaxing experience in a Japanese house!
Please come and visit us!
We look forward to meeting you!***
【List of Equipment and Services】
Kitchen, Restroom,Digital key, electric oven, Air-conditioner(1h ¥100).
Shower,(Free) Laundry(1h¥100).
Cooking utensils / fridge,microwave

In my house, your room and the entrance use keypad codes.
You can go in and out freely at any time!

【The Neighborhood】
Very cheap supermarket nearby (2 minutes on foot).
At the supermarket you can buy packaged and fresh Japanese foods and cold beer !
Also nearby are a number of cheap restaurants.

★JAPAN FOOD Restaurant★
All 100yen Sushi-train(+Tax8%) "SUSHIRO"
(10 minutes by foot)
KASU-UDON(Beef noodles)"KASUYA"(5 minutes by foot)
(7 minutes by foot)
IZAKAYA "BONZU"(8 minutes by foot)
(5 minutes by foot)
Supermarket SUNDY (2 minutes by foot)
Convenient store LAWSON,SEVEN ELEVEN(open 24 hours - 5 minutes by foot).
All 100yen shop (+Tax8%) "DAISO". (10 minutes by foot)

【Nearby public transportation stations 】
KINTETSU South Osaka Line
KINTETSU Fujiidera station to my home 10~15min, by foot.

My friend Mr,Bic rented a 2nd, floor and the warehouse of my house.
He will come about once a month in this house.
Perhaps, you might to share with him only the timing.
(Kitchen,Bath room,Toilet is share.)
A and B room and the entrances are separate.
Both room of you is a private room.
My friend cannot enter the your room.
There is a key at each door.
The room is private and is only you.
Please be quiet at night.
My English is poor....
If you use simple English, that will really helps.

Thank you!
Gandhi Kawasaki

Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation 風呂
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