Detached 3 floor of a quiet residential area

No.178672 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking no preference
Nickname ? T.T
Region ? Osaka Yodobashi
Date posted 2016/10/16 15:04
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2016/10/16 15:10
Rent ? 20,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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The results summarized the hobby of garage and house, it has left over 4 room ;;
1F: garage, Western-style, bathroom
2F: living (12 tatami mats), Japanese-style room, toilet, washbasin
3F: Japanese-style room 6 tatami * 2 (Continued room), Western (6 tatami mats)
Us, are engaged in the restaurant, second floor Japanese-style 40's woman of the staff is already tenants
I myself went out in the morning, go back to is I think that you can use it quite freely because it is late at night
Other hand, it will give me an understanding so you are living sound in the middle of the night
Person of foreign students, I think that if you can cheer for those who are working hard for a dream
<Status of current tenants>
· 2F Japanese-style woman (40s)
· 3F Western woman (20s) until the end of October, another woman is tenants scheduled from November
· 3F Japanese-style room adjoining rooms free
This time, 3F Japanese-style room adjoining rooms (6 tatami mats * 2) will recruit
Because I do not cage most, the woman is considered to do good
If it is one person occupancy 30000 yen / month
20000 yen if the tenants in the two people * 2 person / month
JR Tsukamoto Station 10-minute walk from (from Osaka Station 1 station)
Air conditioning, bedding, a desk, etc. will be provided once the tenants

photo of Japan roommate ダイニング
photo of Japan roommate Single Room
Single Room
photo of Japan roommate Single Room
Single Room
photo of Japan roommate 洗面所
photo of Japan roommate トイレ
photo of Japan roommate Others
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