☆ share house! 10 minutes to Osaka city the designer made ☆

No.182612 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? ejiri
Region ? Osaka
Stations nearby
Gakkentoshisen Shinobu cable hill
Date posted 2017/02/01 19:57
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2017/02/19 14:49
Rent ? 28,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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[Women-only] is built share house of the old terrace house women only were all rooms renovation
Shijonawate City Gakkentoshisen (katamachi line) Shinobukeoka 5 minutes' walk from the station.
About a 10-minute train ride to Osaka city, it will arrive in about 15 minutes to Kyobashi Station.
The House works with the goal, the concept independent my best adults gather House, House name
Yumesakasu ☆ was in the House.
Each room, professional color coordinator of the design, such as the shared portion is designed, there is a concept in each room, stylish House where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the various rooms.
Also on the second floor of a two-room there is a spacious private balcony of the spread, you can also enjoy the herb garden and the like.
House is open 24 hours a day and out OK.
Per in now open campaign, only to sign up for as far as it will go March 2017,
It will rent in the campaign price.
(Contact us as soon as possible)
[Each room]
All rooms have 6-mat storage, it is with a key.
A Room No. Scandinavian modern Japanese and Western room
Japanese-style room 6 tatami + Western-style room is about three tatami mats of about 9 tatami room.
This room is two people occupancy OK because it is a little wider than the other rooms.
1 Person Tenant 33000 yen
2-Person Tenant 48000 yen
2F Western and Japanese-style room, there are two each room.
B, Room retro parentheses good Western-style
(With private balcony)
33000 yen
C, Room Nordic mild-based Japanese-style room
30000 yen
D, Room cafe style stylish Japanese-style room
(With private balcony)
33000 yen
E Room No. vintage-based Western-style
29000 yen
Utility costs + common expenses → 10000 yen
Deposits → None
It requires 10 percent of the monthly rent as an administrative fee in the case of other expenses re-contract.
Period 6 months to rent the kind term building lease contract lease contract of lease guarantee company guarantee company subscription required (80% of the monthly rent as a guarantee company guarantee deposits at the time of move-in required).
[Shared space]
Since the common area is located 16 tatami leisurely spacious together LDK, it becomes enough space for everyone aligned to enjoy the takoyaki and pot party, or the like.
In addition, we know the dining and living room, on a busy morning can firmly ensure their own space.
Bathing is a beautiful unit bus.
Since the dressing room and the toilet of the bath is independent, even if someone is not close the key of the dressing room in the bath, because it is toothpaste and laundry, it is useful.
Cable TV
Net environment
Auto unit bus (or reservoir automatically, or you can boil)
Toilet is a warm with warm water washing toilet seat even in winter.
Covered parking lot
Motorcycle, bike, etc. parking OK → parking fee separately 1500 yen
[Traffic. Neighborhood]
Nearest station of Gakkentoshisen, a 5-minute walk from the Shinobukeoka Station!
A convenience store in the surrounding area, drugstore, there are many supermarkets and eateries.
Large hospitals and, there is also ion Mall made recently, while in a quiet residential area, is a location with excellent very convenience.
All rooms are completed renovation, but it is free and out for 24 hours.
For dating ancient terrace house, because there is a case where such noise at the time of the next to the sound and out can be heard more nervous one should withhold m (__) m
Yumesakasu ☆ Because the House is it is also cute to brackets good many times seen the real thing than see in the picture, do not hesitate to contact us, please come to see (^ O ^)

Japan accommodation ダイニング
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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