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No.182975 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? taburō
Region ? Tokyo Bunkyo
Stations nearby
Date posted 2017/02/10 13:18
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2017/04/22 11:22
Rent ? 57,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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It is the House for a total of 120 m2.
There is a shared room of a total of 4 rooms (up to 5 people possible).
Because it was used as a guest house until now, following such household goods is almost complete.
Also in the body one is possible tenants.
The residents are free to use 16 tatami mats of LDK, large kitchen of 2.4m, there is a TV and BD / DVD recorder.
And wide large drum-type drying washing machine in the bathroom (1620) ... including other futon bed, etc., life necessities is equipped with all.
All rooms are air-conditioned.
Parking is usually car two if the impossible, you will be stopped up to three if the light or run-in parking.
5,000 yen if one only used in a first come, first served basis, is 3,000 yen if another single OK.
Respectively, because the move possible time is different, we would appreciate your inquiry in the room name.
Room-B: 57,000 yen (can move from mid-January 2017)
4 tatami mat and a half is an orthodox Japanese-style room with a closet.
Room-C: 96,000 yen (can move at any time)
Of 6-mat of Western-style as well as Room-B to a 4-mat and a half Japanese-style room is two rooms plan of Tsuzukiai.
Also it has a refrigerator in this room only.
(This is separate from the sharing of LDK)
Or use separately from the work room and bedroom to share this room in terms of good for two people, and I think that there is to say.
Room-D: 118,000 yen (residence time is negotiable)
It is a full-fledged Japanese-style room 6 tatami Tsuzukiai.
Closet ken, with alcove, because the further plates also there will be a large Japanese-style room of 12 tatami + α opened the bran.
One point caution, do not take the key only this room.
other expenses
Utilities internet access (phone connection if retracted) is one of 13,000 yen, or the like.
Rent of transfer is the transfer of the next month in the previous month 25 days.
First month Please give me the key money of half a month only.
Yurakucho Gokokuji 8-minute walk from the train station.
A 15-minute walk from Fukutoshin Zōshigaya Station.
Toei bus "white 61" Mejirodai Sanchome a 1-minute walk from the bus stop.
(Shinjuku and Mejiro, has signed a Nerima garage)

Japan accommodation 風呂
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation 洗面所
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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Japan accommodation Others
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