[Kotake Mukaihara Station] sub-center and Yurakucho. Short-term occupancy possible

No.183036 Guesthouse
Single Room Domitory Only
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 神崎
Region ? Tokyo Itabashi
Stations nearby
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Kotakemukaihara
Date posted 2017/02/12 07:01
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2017/02/12 07:03
Rent ? 20,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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Kotake Mukaihara Station
3 stops from Ikebukuro.
From the residence Kamiitabashi Station, Oyama Station, the Tokiwadai Station is about 16-20 minutes.

Fukutoshin line and Yurakucho
Fukutoshin Shibuya, Shinjuku San-chome, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, one to Yokohama.
[Preview] can there be if you already have a plan.
Monday ... 9 am 40 minutes to 11 hours 30 minutes, 18 hours 30 minutes later.
Tuesday and Wednesday are free ... one day.
Some day you are free Thursday ... one day, 9:00 40 minutes to 11 am, there is also a day of up to 30 minutes to 30 minutes at 14 o'clock 13.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday ... am 40 minutes to 11 pm 9, from 30 minutes to 30 minutes at 14 o'clock 13.
[Short-term tenants]
Determine the tenants from the try to move in the short term to try is recommended.

Job hunting, is also recommended at the time of travel.
[Short-term fee]
1500 yen a day if within 7 days, 1300 yen per day if more than 7 days.
※ Note: 3 days contract 4500 yen.
After three days just because was extended by five days but will not be deducted by the amount of the first three days to calculate 1300 yen.
5 days again Once extended, it will be 1500 yen × 5 days.

Normal fee of one month]
Dmitry men and women room by
Men: rent 25,000 yen
Women: rent 25,000 yen → 2 yen
[Notes] Please be sure to read.
※ women will happen to 20,000 yen from 4 months.
Until then, is 25,000 yen.
※ women who may be in the men and women share a room is good at 15,000 yen.
The reason is because a small women-only room there is a limited number.
※ rent is included utility costs.

※ retreat one month before the declaration.
Steep self convenience in retreat refund is not allowed.
"I leave the day or tomorrow.
So please refund calculated to refund or short-term fee "is not accepted.
※ cleaning is weekly.
Cleaning is to basically have them report carried out in weekly to the time each was vacant.
The exception is not a weekly cleaning person only have not one and the short-term residents a few days a month.
Once a month so depends on whether home how often, let's decide to discuss, such as twice.
※ cleaning exemption plus month 5,000 yen to rent.
※ two weeks, people who do not clean will be the month 5,000 yen payment plus to rent only the current month.
The month will be the clean exemption.
※ guarantee people without.
However, parents and workplace contacts as an emergency contact is required.
If the work is not determined only guardian.
10,000 yen at the time of occupancy is deposit ※.
Deposit will be returned at the time of departure.
Or did not keep to leave one month before the declaration, we have entrusted at the time of the move in order to have the person who will put the garbage at the time of departure.
Washing the futon before departure ※.
Kakefuton, have them wash sheets, the cover.
Shikifuton Do wash in the bathtub, have washed with coin-operated laundry.
And asked to disinfect the virus in the dryer in the coin-operated laundry.
※ cleaning in the case of a short-term move, the futon laundry at the time of departure exemption.
However Depending on the number of days you have them wash sheets, cover only.

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