☆ Nagoya Kanayama Station close to the share house ☆

No.183123 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? share名古屋
Region ? Nagoya Nakamura
Stations nearby
Meitetsu Nagoyahonsen Meitetsu Nagoya
Meitetsu Tokonamesen Meitetsu Nagoya
Meitetsu Inuyamasen Meitetsu Nagoya
Kintetsu Nagoya line Kintetsu Nagoya
Date posted 2017/02/14 19:17
Rent ? Uncertain
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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※ Aichi share house roommate Wanted ※
It operates eight share house is the share of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture
All properties private room
Toilet bath by
※ You decide to meet, such as negotiation is possible your initial cost rent ※
Fun than one person living, cheap, consumer electronics also certainly please examine the share house we have all
It should be noted that you can cooperate if necessary because the move has also heard from ten thousand yen
We are looking at the following properties
Share Nagoya 2
Nagoya Station 7 minutes walk women-only
Location preeminent auto lock apartment share
Supermarkets and convenience stores located livable environment around
Rent 40000 utility costs Dutch treat
Limited one room
Share Honjin
A 5-minute walk from the honjin station about a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station
There livable environment, such as supermarkets and convenience stores in the neighborhood
7ldk Share House
Currently three male and three females
Utility costs Dutch treat
Share Rokuban cho
15 minutes by bicycle to Kanayama Station
Walk up to Rokuban-cho, 7 minutes
Home Share House
Rent 25000~
Utility costs Dutch treat
Small dogs and cats can be consulted
In the case of Yes pet 35000
Share Jinshan
4ldk Mansion share house Kanayama Station 15-minute walk
One room 35000
There livable environment, such as supermarkets and convenience stores in the neighborhood
Limited one room
Because there often be filled with the difference between the touch at that time, please note
Unfortunately, those who do not bother to visit only hear from the beginning, do not come to the meeting without us even taking the tour schedule, tour because there are many, such as Dotakyan is a limited person who can tell me the telephone number such as a mobile or LINE
Share house, except the person who can exchange the neatly contacts so do not the other residents of the person, such as do not you know the phone number so visible opponent to not invite to the house please do not inquiry
Waiting is Kanayama Station
Our office will do greeted immediately because it is Jinshan
Once you can contact to reply put here of the phone number so your name and telephone number please take a reply or phone
Then I decided the dates of appointment, facing a 5-minute drive if I get a phone call I will come on the day Kanayama Station
In Contact wait

Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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