☆☆ 27 minutes minimum to Shinjuku ☆☆ Inagi Station 4-minute walk: Auto-lock angle room ^^

No.185297 Rent(Not Share)
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? lain
Region ? Tokyo
Date posted 2017/04/11 04:58
Rent ? 39,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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~ News ~
April's rent free of charge (free rent)
No guarantor examination
※ In the case of simultaneous application, we will give priority to the contract person.
Is the introduction of free room.
If you wish, please feel free to contact us ^^
Occupancy is possible at any time.
Tokyo Inagi Inagi Station 4-minute walk
It was an earlier image that's experience.
To Shinjuku, it will arrive in less than 30 minutes via the Chofu.
However, the train commute of around 7 o'clock, so it takes extra time by adjusting the vehicle interval, I think it is better to check the travel time for a time that is available.
[Surrounding environment]
Close to have the river is flowing, it is there are many people who are running or walk.
Even city hall and fire station near the security felt good.
Are concentrated shops in front of the station, there is a super Dorakkusutoa-100 average.
In addition, there are a convenience store (Three F) is also next to the station.
SUMMARY of the room]
·auto lock
• The accent cross stylish room
Air-conditioner, monitor with intercom
- is a common room of about 17 m² about 1R.
- It is bright by two planes lighting on the first floor of a corner room.
- washing machine, is the type to be installed on the balcony.
Cleaning, we have entered is skilled in the art.
Unit is a bus (3-point unit).
• For details, please check the photo.
◎ rent 39000 yen, and administrative expenses 3,000 yen
◎ initial cost
Security deposit, at the time of departure, is intended to return those remaining to clean and repair your room.
Since there is also worry about the plane that it is the form that do not fit this kind of skill in the art, will custody for two months.
However, you can consult ^^
[Hope lender]
- the room I want to rent to people who can use to clean the.
And modification of the room is OK if it is possible to consult.
Tobacco is, we are prohibited.
- who do not have one and the guarantor of the foreigners do not care.
· 2 tenants those who can more years, we will preferential treatment.
And e-mail exchanges suddenly lose touch if you are more of and with the promise of private viewing Irasshaimasu is better to be Dotakyan.
- because it is the interaction between individuals, so that we can lend you a reliable person, please apply only those where there is a common sense.
• When you apply for contact us, we hope simple enjoy self-introduction.
- other are also lend you, please be assured that Torikawashi firmly such agreement.
Thank you more.

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Japan accommodation Single Room
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Japan accommodation Single Room
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