◆ Women's only step ◆ JR Sobu line ◆ "Hirai" station ◆ 2 minutes on foot ◆ Wireless LAN (wi-fi)

No.186500 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? matsuda
Region ? Tokyo Edogawa
Date posted 2017/05/15 15:59
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2017/05/15 16:05
Rent ? 32,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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----- Nearest station -----
2 minutes on foot from the JR Sobu line "Hirai" station
(12 minutes to Akihabara · 16 minutes to Tokyo · 29 minutes to Shinjuku · 33 minutes to Shibuya)
----- Location etc. -----
Lawson · Origin lunch box · Gyoza kingdom · Kentucky · Drag · Chop · Karaoke Bang Bang · Kokoichi · Hanamasa 1 min walk.
Sobu line Hirai station · Seiyu (24 hours) · Yoshinoya · Doutor · Famima · Mac · Hidaka store · Seven Eleven · Famma 2 minutes on foot.
Because it is in front of the station, there are nearly all shops for living, so it is convenient.
Within walking distance there are Geo, Shimadajo Homes, Daiso Nakaura Gust.
Reinforced concrete construction 4 floors 4th floor part (There is no elevator)
----- Room of this recruitment -----
■ Private room (32,000 yen / 2.0 letter without window with ventilation fan)
Indoor lighting · outlet is attached.
※ It is a private room with all keys, loft bed, futon.
※ It will be on the 4th floor of the apartment (there is no elevator)
※ Available for short term: 1800 yen a day if within 7 days, 1500 yen per day if over 7 days.
※ proportional division by number of people according to photothermal gas fee, usage amount.
※ Resident card voucher acquisition, corporate registration, telephone installation is possible.
※ The rent is one month unit of the rent method before paying the next month's end at the end of the previous month.
※ If leaving in the middle of the month will be settled on a daily basis after retirement.
※ When you leave please notify me one month in advance.
(It will cost a daily rent for one month from the notice of deportation)
◎ It is for women only.
◎ It is a share house with 3 private rooms.
◎ The common area is the entrance, dining kitchen, washroom, toilet, shower room, rooftop will be shared space.
◎ Wireless LAN (wi-fi) is equipped.
Washlet toilet
Independent washbasin with hot-water showers
2 gas kettens (with grill)
Fully automatic washing machine
rice cooker
Toaster oven
Takoyaki machine
Storage rack
Vacuum cleaner
* Things that can be borrowed are tables, chairs, futons and so on.
* Futon set is also available at the charge for new items until the occupancy date.
※ Equipment is basically usable for 24 hours, but please do not bother other residents.
----- Tenancy conditions -----
※ Nationality, age, gender is not required.
(Mandatory understanding of Japanese)
※ For those who wish to move in after interview, there is an interview before moving in.
※ There is no long-term or short-term question.
Long-term desired one is available for installments of futon money.
※ It is mandatory to join the guarantor company (cost is borrowed by the lender)
* If you are a minor or a foreign national, you basically subscribe to a guarantor or a guarantor company as an identity underwriter.
※ Two friends can move in together (only two people for utility fee)
※ The utility fee is proportional to the number of people
----- Living house rules -----
※ Because it is exclusively for women, only women are allowed to enter friends, families, etc.
* Please wash your kitchen every time you use it, please do not sink objects.
※ After taking a shower, please clean the hair which accumulated in the drain outlet every time.
※ Please be careful about noise (audio, mobile) and smell (garbage).

Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation シャワー
Japan accommodation トイレ
Japan accommodation ランドリー
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation ベランダ
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