[30,000 yen, 35,000 yen] Nakano ku women's private room We are looking for 2 tatami mats.

No.187071 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? kai
Region ? Tokyo Nakano
Date posted 2017/05/31 22:37
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2017/05/31 22:48
Rent ? Uncertain
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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This time we are looking for two rooms, Room A and Room D.
In other rooms, 3 women in their twenties have moved in.
I think that it is safe because it is limited to women.
If you are interested in a bit, please feel free to contact us!
5 minutes on foot from Nogata Station
10 minutes by bus from Nakano station
【Room of Recruitment】
Room A Rent: 35,000 + Expenses: 16,000 = 51,000
D Room 30,000 + 16,000 = 46,000
【Tenancered room】
Room B 33,000 + 16,000 = 49,000
C Room 30,000 + 16,000 = 46,000
E Room 33,000 + 16,000 = 49,000
※ In addition to the above, 10,000 yen will be charged separately as initial contract fee.
※ If you move in the middle of the month and leave, rent and overhead will be calculated on a daily basis.
Security deposit key money, no fee etc
With a veranda
Overseas people OK
The A and D rooms wanted this time are south facing and bright and sunny rooms.
Smoking is out of the living room or on the veranda.
【Common room facilities etc】
52 inch TV, gas stove, 2 refrigerators, microwave oven, rice cooker, dishwasher, 2 oven toaster, 2 wireless wifi, shared tableware available, Blu Ray, 1st Floor Bathtub, 2nd Floor Shower Room Available, 1st Floor 2nd Floor Washlet toilet equipped, 1st floor 2nd floor co-washing machine 2, all rooms with air conditioning
【Each room】
Storage furniture, desk, with chair, of course with key of individual room!

photo of Japan roommate キッチン
photo of Japan roommate リビング
photo of Japan roommate Single Room
Single Room
photo of Japan roommate Single Room
Single Room
photo of Japan roommate 玄関
photo of Japan roommate トイレ
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