Futures trading · Deito beginner entrance dojo entrance 30,000 ~ ★ Limited 5 people

No.188976 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? takkun★color
Region ? Tokyo Kita
Date posted 2017/07/27 10:30
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2017/07/27 10:30
Rent ? 33,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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Nice to meet you.
I'd like to tell you.
I am currently a 40-year-old man who is managing two sharehouses in Tokyo and futures trading (gold).
Gold is said to be the most high risk / high return among stocks and FX, futures trading.
My experience is about two years, and we made various mistakes at the beginning, but now there are not a few profits more than 500,000 yen a day.
★ Rent 30,000 yen ~
★ Estimated revenue after 1 year (Trade time 2 ~ 5 hours) Approximate 3 ~ 50,000 yen (Reference: Tanpuku's standard for daily revenue 10 ~ 1 million yen, transaction history about 2 years)
★ As a beginner can also tell you the method of trading from scratch.
I will release the timing when I will buy and sell to the beginner and give advice.
So, it is also possible to trade at the same timing as I, and it is also possible to trade on your own with reference to it.
* However, it does not guarantee that if you do as I say it will definitely win.
There is even the possibility that the invested margin will be lost.
(I also have that risk always the same.
Still please feel free to apply for those who can afford to live, those who can do with self responsibility.
Money is very difficult to make a profit, it is said that it is said that even veterans of stock trading are scared and can not reach out.
I myself happily happily happily with profits of over 2 million yen in one day, but there is always the possibility of losing the same as much.
Because I am always in Ju
If it is Jujo you can look inside, interview at any time.
<Investment / transaction products>
· Domestic commodity futures (Friday)
★ All rooms share room (dormitory bed)
★ Men's Only · Women's Private Room
★ Communal kitchen, shared toilet
★ Free Wi-Fi available
<Lesson content>
★ It is for beginners.
· Basic mechanism of futures trading
· Pitfalls, notes
· Actual transaction
· Age over 20 years old
· I have my own PC
· Gender in question (women's private room available)
· Person who can keep manners of common life
Those who can pay the full amount of money for the following one year with advance payment
<Fee> * Rates vary depending on the place of residence (Asakusa / Jujo)
★ The following fees are all comicom.
· One year's rent
· Common service fee for one year
· Tenancy fee
· Entry fee · Lesson fee for 1 year
· Required investment money (margin, purchase fee, commission)
※ Please understand beforehand that refund on the way is impossible.
<Select residence>
★ Asakusa · · · (limited to 5 people)
· Come along and remotely cooperate
· No air conditioner
·Only Japanese
· 3 minutes walk from the nearest station
★ Cost (one year)
· Rent (30,000 yen + common expenses 3,000 yen) 12 months minutes ... 396,000 yen
· Investment cost 100,000 yen · Margin 200,000 yen
· Other lesson fee · Commission etc ... 300,000 yen
★ Jujyo (Recommended) · · · (limited to 5 people)
· Stay permanent
· With air conditioner
· Foreigner permitted
· Within 1 minute on foot from the nearest station
· Living room spread
· Different cultural exchange party held every month
★ Cost (one year)
· Rent (33,000 yen + common expenses 6,000 yen) 12 months worth ... 468,000 yen
· Investment cost 100,000 yen · Margin 200,000 yen
· Other lesson fee · Commission etc ... 430,000 yen
Some people already live in the share house
The recruitment of this time (introductory) is the first attempt and it is limited to the first five arrivals.
I am looking forward to having fun with my comrades.
We are waiting for your contact.
<About tatmen>
·graphic designer
· Author
· Share house management, share house

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