the Aichi Prefecture Yatomi's first small type share house ! It will be two people recruitment

No.189176 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? takashi
Region ? Aichi
Date posted 2017/08/01 19:49
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2017/08/01 19:52
Rent ? 28,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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It becomes resident recruitment of share house that was renovated 30 years old of House.
Since this time the person was a short-term tenants want in the April full be retired, (from May 1) first floor of Japanese-style 4-mat and a half, we will recruit second floor Japanese-style 7 tatami (the current vacancy).
This share house is different from in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya metropolitan area which is very sophistivated, up-to-date appliance.
Rather than as do piled in the event and the same age group, various generation, better way of thinking live meeting.
In addition to that, I'd like to do field tinkering, such that there is anxiety in life, such people can try the life, even without much contact usually, such as help each other when they are in trouble, and thought such form is a good rather than a cramped have.
We have tenants four for capacity of five residents at the moment.
Age is a wide range and from 30s to 60s.
1 person will originally be a retreat in April full because it was scheduled to be tenants in the short term.
I also thought that one of the residents, social workers of experience, life and taking advantage of the agriculture of the experience is in trouble, I will ride to the consultation and such want to teach agriculture.I want to become your power as much as possible.
Once a week to come minimum, toilet cleaning, I have such people and conversation that are tenants.
Rent is common service costs included in from 28,000 to 35,000 yen.
Initial cost will be one month deposit one month and rent it (daily rent if in the middle).
It should be noted that I accept return as long as it is not even broken or dirty.
Photothermal water costs, sewage costs, etc. will be number of people split.
Photothermal water fee is recent ¥ 13,000 position on average.

Access to Nagoya shortest 18 minutes and nearby at Kintetsu, is really feeling in front of the eyes in a 3-minute walk from the house to the nearest station.

Parking rate will be 1 month borrow cheaply 3500-4500 yen.

Share facilities shower rooms renovation, two toilets, a kitchen, the wash basin has introduced a new one.
If you are commuting to Nagoya, those who want to live in a little wide land of suburban than urban middle, please contact us.
Let's raise create or live together!

Leek go into March, peas, planting potatoes in March, and since the beginning of the April we planted cabbage, kale, Norabou greens, cucumber.

Even tour only I will correspond.

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