Share House "Sakurai House" residents Wanted !!! (from the end of March)

No.189230 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? sakuraihouse
Region ? Osaka
Date posted 2017/08/03 16:34
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2017/08/03 16:34
Rent ? 20,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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All built 40 years of Japanese house in the family and foreign friends is DIY the affection full of share house.
Jiang Umeda 4-minute walk from Hankyu Sakurai Station is a 20-minute train ride away.
Osaka University, Toyonaka is a 15-minute walk and access preeminent location conditions on campus.
Sakurai in front of the station mall or supermarket, alternating, bank, all gathered bakery.
Share House of Charm point is Japanese-style garden, and that there is a home vegetable garden, is the door of the beautiful cobalt blue.
Here are other there is a place nice about can not be introduced.
Please try by all means to live.
[Occupancy conditions] man NG woman OK foreigners OK
Insurance tenants liability insurance, fire insurance mandatory (yen per year 5500)
Period three months of the type term building lease contract lease contract of the lease contract
Room Type + common expenses, and administrative expenses (10000 yen)
Transportation: Hankyū Minoo Line Sakurai Station 4-minute walk
20 minutes by train to Umeda
Surrounding facilities: Osaka University, Toyonaka campus walk 15 minutes
Various hospitals around Sakurai station, bank, police station, there is a post office
Super 5-minute walk
Style: cyclic (visit Frequency: about once a week)
Cleaning: janitor (about once a week)
Rules: the hotel non smoking.
The room of a friend with an advance contact, garbage out of the shared portion residents Tobansei
1000 yen per night if you stop a friend
Event: several times a year
[Shared facilities]
Living (Japanese-style)
Kitchen 1 rooms
Bathroom 1 rooms
Toilet Western-style two-chamber
Washing machine one (free)
Internet Free
Parking Space Available (Free)
Wood deck
Room 101 7.5 tatami ¥ 35000
Flooring Western-style (flooring).
Good per sun.
Window is facing south, west.
(Furnishings: air conditioner, dresser, storage, bed)
Female foreigner OK Japanese NG
201, Room 6 tatami ¥ 35000
Flooring Western-style (flooring).
Good per sun.
Window is facing north, east.
(Furnishings: air conditioner, mirror, storage, bed)
Female foreigner, Japanese OK
No. 202 rooms (with veranda) 7.5 tatami ¥ 40000
Flooring Western-style (flooring).
Good per sun.
Window is facing south, west.

(Furnishings: air conditioning, storage, bookshelf, bed)
Female foreigner, Japanese OK
No. 203 room 7.5 tatami ¥ 40000
Flooring Japanese-style room (tatami).
Good per sun.
Window is facing south, east.

(Furnishings: air conditioner, dresser, storage, bookshelf, bed)
Female foreigner, Japanese OK

Japan accommodation 玄関
Japan accommodation 玄関
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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