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Date posted 2017/09/16 17:06
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Rent ? 30,000yen(per month)
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Nice to meet you.
I am currently a 41-year-old man who is engaged in futures trading (Tokyo Kim) while operating a share house in Tokyo.
Futures trading is said to be high risk (money is the most)
Conversely, it is also a product that can expect the highest return.
Why do not you challenge this if you are interested in stocks, futures trading, daytre, but you could not do it?
Beginners are fine.
We will teach you carefully from scratch for 3 months at a share house.
We will start with a safer way!
★ My transaction history
It is only Tokyo Gold for futures trading for about 2 years.
We have about 500 transactions every month.
At first, we made various major failures, but now we can make profits of 10 to 200,000 yen a day, more than 1 million yen when taking advantage of that experience.
★ Estimated profit
· First year · · · 2 ~ 50,000 yen per day
· After 2nd year · · · 5 to 100 thousand yen a day
(Trade time 1 day a few hours)
★ Estimated Investment Fund
· One with less fund · · Started with 300,000 yen → Profit 1 to 30,000 yen per day
· Those who can afford funds · · · 100 ~ 3 million yen → profit 5 ~ 200 thousand yen a day
★ For beginners
· I will teach the transaction method from the first.
· I will teach you all the tools used by me, how to use it, the site you are referring to etc.
· First of all, I will tell you to understand scary pitfalls and cautions in dealing well.
· I will tell you how to improve the winning percentage, how to cope when I made a mistake, etc.
· We will transmit trends and points I am aiming for.
· I will inform you as much as possible of the timing of my trading.
* However, it does not guarantee that if you do as I say it will definitely win.
There is a possibility that the invested margin doubles in one month, but there is a possibility that all the margin will be lost at the same time.
Even so, if you can afford to live, your transactions should be applied only to those who can finally have responsibility on your own.
<Live in>
Living in a share house, teaching a move from 1 while looking at the screen, it is possible to share information in a timely manner all the time.
※ If you do not wish to live, you can also take lessons in communication.
★ Residential lesson fee
· 3 months' rent rent
· Utilities (electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi usage) 3 months worth
· Tenancy fee
· Entry fee
· Lesson fee for 3 months
All inclusive · · 1.2 million yen (excluding tax)
※ Please understand beforehand that refund on the way is impossible.
※ Those who want to live continuously even after three months are possible with rent + utility fee of 30,000 yen (excluding tax).
▼ One who can not live in
★ Communication Lesson Fee
· Entry fee
· Lesson fee by communication for 3 months (consecutive information provided consecutively on the business day by LINE)
All inclusive · · · 600,000 yen (excluding tax)
· Over 20 years old
· Person who has own PC
· No gender problem
· Rules of shared life, those who can keep good manners
· Those who can pay the above fee in full with a deposit
<Share House>
★ Living Environment
· Dormitory bed (2 to 6 people in one room)
· Boys · Girls Private Room
· Communal kitchen, shared toilet
· Cookware, air conditioner, furniture, futon etc
· Free Wi-Fi
· Foreigner permitted

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