Share house to teach you how to earn at home with net biddings

No.190685 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? kaoru
Region ? Saitama Midori
Date posted 2017/09/18 02:32
Rent ? 29,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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I am a lecturer on internet business.
It is the only share house in Japan that the owner manages.
It was a share house specialized for women for a long time, but I felt that there were quite a lot of people who were in trouble with money.
Even if I work late from morning to always late in such a life I have a bright future There is not a bright future If there is not a little income If you tell me how to earn with internet business 1 year later you can earn income of more than 1 million yen monthly income I was caught by my boss and I always thought that everyone is doing my best with a cheap salary.
You can also set up an automated system that automatically generates income even if you go abroad for a free time and live overseas so if you do your best for the first three months it will increase your income steadily and you will get 1 million It is also a feature of the net business that you get the monthly income above.
I do not have a company where salaries will increase by 100,000 yen every month from 200,000 yen in a company in one year! Even though anyone can do it by themselves I do not continue and what I should do Most people do not know the situation at the moment.
I was also in restructuring in the company and it started as an opportunity and succeeded and now it is not in restructuring I work from late morning until late at night and be careful of my boss and being overwhelmed with overtime work and suicide with depression It may have been.
Now I have time to go to Philippines for three years a year without having trouble with free money and became a status that I can go to vacation for a month with a model girlfriend.
If you live in this share house you will change life by 180 degrees.
If you want to change your current situation, if you move to this share house you can greatly enrich your life.
Your own efforts are also necessary, but I will teach you all the know-how and mind of the net business free of charge.
Take to Shinjuku station 33 minutes 1 time transfer 3 minutes total 36 minutes
Boarding time to Ikebukuro station 28 minutes 1 time transfer 3 minutes total 31 minutes
Boarding time to Tokyo station 41 minutes 1 time transfer 3 minutes total 44 minutes
Musashino line, 9 minutes on foot from Higashi Urawa station.
1 month 1st floor 1st floor 6th tatami flooring 29,000 · 2nd floor 8 tatami western room 35,000yen 16 tatami mattress with balcony, all utilities are divided half · Town conditions do not inhale cigarette · Nationality is not required.
Two rooms are available.
Whether it is cooperative or bright, no age is required.
It is a fun shared life.
There is no curfew and the overnight is OK.
It is free and has no interference.
Room is 1st floor 6 tatami mat flooring princess bed · 2 floors south facing room with 8 tatami western-style room with balcony 16 tatami facilities air conditioning tv / dvd // internet in room · wifi · net charge free ·
Shared facilities Toilet on the 1st floor 2nd floor Washlet / bath Jacuzzi & Jetbus esophagus 10 tatami space (fridge 500l 110l freezer 37 inches tv · large table chair 6 legs
Kitchen 6 tatami
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Ok · Kyungmin · Heson
v = F 4 narf 4 m KOo
Kim · Hemin · Dami · Other 7 people
v = M7 mWteX - QTo
Xu, Du, Ok, Kimoto, Kyonmi
v = t_ o 0 W v x o 3 _ w & t = 23 s
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Japan accommodation シェアメイト
Japan accommodation シェアメイト
Japan accommodation シェアメイト
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