Share House / Guest House [49,000 yen] Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Yamanote Line · Share House

No.191024 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking no preference
Guesthouse ? taigāhouse
Region ? Tokyo Shinagawa
Date posted 2017/09/28 13:56
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2017/10/23 11:49
Rent ? 49,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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【★ Deposit 0 yen campaign ★】
Campaign details
【Tiger House】 Our company is subject to all the properties (excluding Snow Valley Denenchofu).
2017.10.15 (Sunday) As long as new applications are made by 18:00, the deposit (usually 20,000 yen) at the time of moving in will be 0 yen!
* If you leave in less than 2 months, a penalty of 20,000 yen will be incurred.
Campaign period
2017.10.15 (Sunday) 18: 00 until application
It is a private room with all keys at convenient location within walking distance from Yamanote line.
The initial cost for using the campaign is only 39,000 yen to 60,000 yen (guarantor is also unnecessary).
※ For any campaigns, please feel free to contact us!
Private room with air conditioner, bed and internet access.
Cooking utensils including dishes etc are also available in the common area.
● Tiger House Shinagawa Osaki
Private room ¥ 42000 - 68000
Each line Osaki station 8 minutes on foot
● Tiger House Shinjuku
Private room ¥ 49000 - 60000
Shinjuku station on each line 7 minutes on foot
● Tiger House Akasaka
Private room ¥ 49000 - 61000
Chiyoda Line Akasaka Station 1 min walk
● Tiger House Ikebukuro
Private room ¥ 46000 - 54000
Each line Ikebukuro station 8 minutes on foot
JR Yamanote line Mejiro station 7 minutes on foot
● Tiger House Meguro
Private room ¥ 48000 - 55000
12 minutes on foot from Meguro station on the Yamanote line
15 minutes on foot from Naka Meguro Station on each line
● Tiger House Meguro Annex
Private room ¥ 45000 - 52000
12 minutes on foot from Meguro station on the Yamanote line
15 minutes on foot from Naka Meguro Station on each line
● Tiger House Akihabara
Private room ¥ 45000 - 59000
Each line Akihabara station 6 minutes on foot
● Tiger House Ueno Okachimachi
Private room ¥ 44000 - 53000
4 minutes on foot from Okachimachi Station on each line
● Tiger House Tokyo Nihonbashi
Private room ¥ 44000 - 56000
Hibiya Line Ningyocho Station 4 minutes on foot
Yamanote line Tokyo station 15 minutes on foot
● Tiger House Kanda
Private room ¥ 46000 - 54000
10 minutes walk from Kanda station on the Yamanote Line
3 minutes walk from Kodenmacho station on Hibiya Line
● T-share Mejiro
Private room ¥ 42000 - 53000
A 10-minute walk from Mejiro Yamanote Line
Fukutoshin Line Shojirogaya Station 2 minutes on foot
● Snow Valley Denenchofu
Private room ¥ 43000 - 54000
Tokyu Ikegami Line Yukiya Otsuka Station 3 minutes on foot
◎ Initial fee can be used for one month only with monthly fee + deposit (20000 yen).
(About the tour of the property)
Vacancy It is possible to see it if it is between 10:30 and 18:00 regardless of weekdays, weekends, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays on a property with a plan.
Please also look at "Tiger House" and search the homepage.
Tea Estate Co., Ltd.

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Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation 建物外観
Japan accommodation 眺望
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Single Room
Japan accommodation 建物共用施設
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