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No.192162 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? oLiveviLLage 横浜
Region ? Yokohama Nishi
Stations nearby
Sotetsu main line Nishiyokohama
Blue Line Yokohama
Blue Line Takashimacho
Date posted 2017/11/02 23:24
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2017/11/02 23:25
Rent ? 46,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
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February 2017 【oLive viLLage Yokohama】 Grand open.
Furniture home appliances Why do not you live at a new share house?
★ vacancy schedule ★
August 21 - Private room A202 room (46000 yen)
August 27 ~ Private room B Room 204 (48000 yen)
September 8 - Private room B Room 202 (47000 yen)
【OLive viLLage Yokohama】 is a female private share house located just next to Hama's Ameboku "Kofukuji Temple Matsubara Shopping Street", which is a 9-minute walk from Tenno Line Station on Sotetsu Line, 20 minutes walking flat to Yokohama Station .
■ Nearest station:
9 minutes on foot from Tennocho Station on Sotetsu Line, 10 minutes on foot from Nishi Yokohama Station
20 minutes on foot from JR Yokohama Station
* There are many bus flights from Yamahama Station to others from the bus stop "Asama Town Garage in front" located 2 minutes on foot
■ Location:
Two retro detached houses relaxingly standing on the 500 m² site.
Despite being beside a busy shopping street, it is located on a high ground which climbed a gradual slope about 20 m from the former Tokaido, so it is very quiet, sunshine and ventilation are outstanding also in view.
Landmark tower can be overlooked.
Supermarket, drug store, 100 yen shop, various other shops are staging in the shopping district one minute on foot.
Everything you need for your life is here.
I want to relax quietly in a convenient place.
It is a share house of such a nice scroll.
■ Neighborhood information:
· Kofukuji Temple Matsubara shopping street 1 minute walk http://kofukuji-matsubara.com
· Convenience store (7-Eleven) 2 minutes on foot
· Drug store (HAC) 5 minutes on foot
· 100 yen shop (Daiso) 5 minutes on foot
· Rental video store (Geo) 10 minutes on foot
· Nishi-ku Sports Center 5 min. Walk http://www.yspc.or.jp/ nishi_sc_ysa /
■ House characteristics:
· What, you can eat rice directly from the production area.
Of course, it's free! Let's save a lot and save ♪ Rice lovers, big welcome.
· There is a bicycle for the number of people, a bicycle parking place for motorbikes.
Large motorcycle is also OK.
· The garden is large! BBQ and sunbathing.
Birds singing While reading tea in the garden, reading also.
· For the building A, four people should use the large detached house comfortably.
The living dining room is too luxurious for 12 people to use with 4 people.
Please spend elegantly.
· In addition to the private room including the Japanese style room, B has prepared a cute dormitory room.
You can taste a private room with 2 tatami houses.
■ Recruitment target:
· For women only, ages 18 to 40
· Yokohama National University students, vocational school students, international students are welcome.
■ Summary of House:
【Building A】 4 individual rooms, 【Building B】 4 dormitory rooms + 4 private rooms
· Kitchen in each building, living room available.
Gas stove, refrigerator, washing machine, range, with kettle
· Private room with bed, air conditioner, curtains in each room TV viewing available
· Dormitory 2 Tatami House shared closet, storage space available.
· 【Building A】 Bathroom 1 Toilet 1, 【Building B】 Bathroom 2 Toilet 2
· Internet free (wireless LAN)
【Building A】 Rent: ¥ 44,000 ~ ¥ 46,000
【Building B】 Rent: ¥ 18,000 ~ ¥ 48,000
Common service fee: ¥ 12,000 (including utility fee, communication fee, insurance fee, all you can eat as well as rice)
* We will claim the cleaning fee at the time of leaving as prepayment as an initial cost.
The information that could not be posted here is published on the homepage of the operating company Olive Works (female owner).
For details, please visit http: //oliveworks.jp/.
Please come and visit us once.
I'm sure you will like it ♪
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.
I will correspond with my whole heart.
Thank you.
OLive viLLage Yokohama Yamazaki

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Japan accommodation 洗面所
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Japan accommodation リビング
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Japan accommodation 眺望
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