No identification card

No.194656 Guesthouse
Single Room Domitory Only
Smoking no preference
Guesthouse ? 夜業
Region ? Osaka NishiYodogawa
Date posted 2018/01/19 20:24
Rent ? Uncertain
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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Credit card required

Presentation of basic ID card is not required.
There are also many women who can not present identification cards.
Minors of minors who are 18 years of age or older are OK.
The rent will be 10,000 yen a month with the basic water supply utility fee included.
A woman who can not pay a rent of 10,000 yen can live, but please be sure to tell me that you can not pay the rent.
There is no private room.
There are currently two girls living.
It becomes a shared room with the girls.
Some women live with valuables and cosmetics without luggage.
It is free to enter and leave for 24 hours.
The bath is OK when you like it.
The exhibition will be from Saturday morning 9 am until the last train on Saturday.
There was also a woman who says to stay one night tonight at the time of viewing in the past.
We will only be recruiting women.
Nationality is irrelevant if Japanese can speak

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