◆Wanted◆【Osaka·Kyobashi】Sharehouse where Japanese and foreigners gather to create global network

No.195877 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 縁naoto
Region ? Osaka Joutou
Stations nearby
Date posted 2018/02/24 15:08
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2018/02/24 15:08
Rent ? 40,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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● Share house with many foreigners living in Osaka Share House
· I want to be able to speak English
· I would like to deepen contact with foreigners living in Osaka
· I want to make friends with people who came to Osaka from all over the world
· Create a global network and want to know various information
· I want to live fashionably by incorporating information of the world
· There is also connection with neighboring share house members
· From Kyobashi Station, you can get to Umeda 7 minutes, Namba 14 minutes and Kyoto even 40 minutes
● Home like share house like my parents house
· The share house the owner visited in the past felt very narrow with the feeling that a lot of people were stuffed in one room.
When you stand in the way of the residents, can you make a better share house?
I thought that was the reason
· Each room was made a perfect private room of about 6 tatami mats
· Because there is a closet, the storage of those who have plenty of clothes is also perfect
● Beginner's big welcome!
"I would like to live by myself but one is lonely"
"I am interested in share house, but I am not good at Mayui"
"I want to secure personal space!"
It is perfect for beginners who are sharehouses!
There is supermarket convenience store · downtown just a short walk, so we do not have trouble eating (laugh)
By the way, such a colleague lived until now.
·Australian person
· Emperor's descendants
· Spanish instructor
· Cooking researcher
· English conversation teacher
· Advertising agency employee
· Trading company man
· IT man
· Junior high school teacher
· Photographer
· Network engineer
· Kansai people
· Kanto people
· Plastic processing industry
· Department Store Information
· Milling company employees
● Fee
Completely private room
· 40,000 yen / month + utility fee
* We have received a security deposit of 20,000 yen at the time of moving in (withdrawal monthly utility fee deducted and returned upon departure)
※ Room with as much as 8 tatami will cost 50,000 yen / month + utility fee
● How to apply and inquire
I will reply if you can send me a message.
In that case, ① name ② age ③ occupation (job category) ④ I would like to inform you of the reason for the application.
In addition, since the manager may not notice the message, in that case it will be appreciated if you can receive a message addressed to FB's "Margin".
Since the viewing is also possible, thank you very much !!!

Japan accommodation 最寄駅
Japan accommodation シェアメイト
Japan accommodation シェアメイト
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Japan accommodation シェアメイト
Japan accommodation 建物共用施設
Japan accommodation 最寄駅
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