International Exchange & luxury guesthouse, up to two months free rent!

No.195951 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? tamaplazavillage
Region ? Kawasaki Miyamae
Stations nearby
Odakyu line Shinyurigaoka
Odakyu Tamasen Shinyurigaoka
Date posted 2018/02/26 01:06
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2018/02/26 01:06
Rent ? 46,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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Small guest house of popular tamaplazavillage is MAX8 people
The large-scale guest house offers a good living environment of comfortable in the clean and are in good different cleaning management.
With a small number of people, Canadian, French, in also resident Americans like Western people in English and Japanese flurry of environment, once also held a peaceful party events with everyone on the moon!
In addition, we simply focus on the fun of the original guest house unique in because it has not accepted those who only want to suppress cheaper rent, high-quality in a friendly that combines common sense residents.
Friendly, we welcome those who are seeking the international exchange.
☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡
No. 104 room, first month rent free! Campaign!
The maximum rent two months free rent only to female tenants
Male residents are not eligible.
5.7 tatami bed storage closet desk, chairs, lighting and air conditioning
☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡 ☆ 彡
☆ 彡光 heat costs. Miscellaneous expenses all included in the 61500 yen
☆ 彡 - initial cost deposit 30000 (departure 10000 amortization) utility costs miscellaneous expenses 13500 (9500 + 4000)
(Note: The utility costs in the case of the person who is the work at home, such as a free-lance will be 5000 yen plus.
● Facility [latest enhancement equipment]
/ To all of life seek a high level we will meet your request.

The finest grade Jacuzzi jet bubble bath to guesthouse + sauna
· 42inchTV × 2 units + DVD + HDD with CATV (movies, music, CNN, FOXTV unlimited viewing)
- Heal tired body with a massage chair of the finest grade!
Grand piano YAHAMA C-5 music college students also rejoice earnest piano
And large refrigerator two, rich culture and one refrigerator for drinks
Oven range and two of the microwave oven
- Washing machine, dryer, of course peace of mind because Nokoin formula!
● Privacy Policy [privacy]
Each private room equipped with a number key,
Curie tea, we have privacy also become a thoroughgoing.
Wood deck patio smoking area
Are fully observe the shut-out, safety and privacy of the residents of the line of sight from and, also outside a
It is.

● Security [safety performance]
Entrance lock, number key system adopted in each room lock all keyless, while satisfying all possible measures of security in the surveillance camera installed already, there is not even anxiety to eliminate the key.

● Access
* Equipped with a dedicated bicycle (with the transmission device) is free of charge in each room
New lily Keoka from the residence, Tamapuraza Station, a 10-minute self-train to Azamino Station
Tama Plaza Tokyu 14 minutes Shiomidai 1-minute walk
Azamino Tokyu 15 minutes Utsukushigaokanishi a 4-minute walk
Mizoguchi Kawasaki city bus 20 minutes Shiomidai 1-minute walk
Shinyurigaoka Odakyu 12 minutes Shiomidai 1-minute walk
Others, Odakyu kakio station, Miyamaedaira Station, there is also a bus service from the Ikuta Station.

In the case of the bicycle, Tama Plaza, Azamino, Shinyurigaoka each 15 minutes
● Entry [applicants application]
Regardless of nationality men and women, and when you sign up have gotten the presentation of identification.

- More than six months of I am allowed only to use.
· Preview, so we correspond at any time, please feel free to contact us.

● When inquiry
Please e-mail name, age, nationality, occupation, contact address on the specified.
We have preview correspondence from time to time.
English, Chinese, Korean available.

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Japan accommodation 風呂
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation シェアメイト
Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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