Room share with rental space operated by plantation / private room with parking lot

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Nickname ? cototoki
Region ? Kanagawa
Date posted 2018/03/12 14:33
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2018/03/22 16:38
Rent ? 28,000yen(per month)
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The property is located in Shibusawa, Hadano City, where mountains and greenery spread, and it is in a naturally rich place where drinkable spring water can also come out in front of the house.
Because we operate old farm house with refurbishment with DIY, we are improving the degree of freedom of refurbishing such as changing the wall color of the room and building shelf.
For the farms to operate, participation in agricultural experiences and use of farms are also possible.
You can also use 1F rental space for free once a month.
It can be used for workshops, exhibitions, etc.
(* If the rental space is not used for rental, it can be used at any time.
1F is a shop, rental space, dining kitchen, bath, 2F is a residential space.
Since the owner family also lives in the property, even if there is something, it can cope immediately.
Room and rent for rent is here ↓ ↓ ↓
① 6 tatami + storage Western style room 28,000 yen
It is a complete private room.
Rates for one car park are included in the rent.
In addition to the common expenses (gas, electricity, water, wireless LAN, shared parts expendable items, cleaning fee)
We get 10,000 yen per person per person.
You can use cooking utensils, common dishes, dishes, fridge, washing machine, etc. freely.
The bus stop is in front of the house, the bus to the station is about 8 minutes, but since there is only about one hour in one hour, we recommend using cars, bikes and bicycles.
(It will be about 25 minutes on foot.
Hadano has famous mountaineering such as Tonodake, Nabeyama and other popular Yabitsu Passes as a road racer.
From the nearest Shibusawa station to Shinjuku is about 1 hour 15 minutes with one Odakyu line, so it is possible to live in a country living in a very close vicinity from the city center.
It can be used for simulation of those who are planning to migrate to the local area by weekend use etc.
Why do not you try living in the countryside at the famous water village Hadano selected as the top nationwide of 100 famous water waters?
Interview is in progress at any time.
You can also check the location of the property and information on the plantation from here.

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