★ Station 5 minutes walk, Kyobashi 25 minutes, Kita Shinjuku 27 minutes!

No.199582 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
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Region ? Osaka
Stations nearby
Gakkentoshisen Higashineyagawa
Date posted 2018/06/20 08:31
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2018/06/30 08:06
Rent ? 5,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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If you help renovation, you can rent cheap!
★ 5 minutes on foot from the station, 25 minutes by Kyobashi, 27 minutes north of Kitashini! If renovation helped me cheap!
Although I was planning to renovate myself and share house or lease, of course, the job of the main job is busy and not at all I have not reached (ToT)
The basic concept is a place that is warm and confident! New life support! No age limit! Sex is not limited!
People interested in something interesting, leisure person, renovation, people interested in DIY, carpentry, interested in woodworking, people who want to leave their own art work on the walls, people who want to make soundproof rooms, interested in manufacturing People who have work, people who are looking for jobs, single mothers and children, elderly people, minors, people with circumstances that are difficult to rent please consult! Station 5 minutes on foot.
Near elementary school.
Neighborhood is also good people.
I will rent out the bicycle.
Renovation is OK if you have time.
Of course, if you try and have fun, you can do as much as you want, it's okay.
It is scheduled to become 25,000 yen per person + utilities fee / month from the completion of reform completion after the renovation, but please do so with a special fee until then! Do you continue to live or stay moving after it rises? !!!
Since the host is proficient in terms of language, IT and instrument playing, please listen anytime if there is anything to be taught.
Just traveling abroad tends to be absent.
Host has also been in Japan for several years, overseas also for several years, she has lived in a share house, I made a lot of irreplaceable memories through a wonderful shared life with a variety of background people there.
There are several private rooms, but if you become a shared room, I would like you to live in a safe place (by gender).

Because there is a little altitude, the skyline of Osaka can be seen glaring distant from the balcony on sunny days.
Anyway, since it is an old house, I will do the floor, roof, screen door, wall, bath, toilet, anything renovation, DIY.
Q Why is it so cheap?
A Because it is limited for a limited time in renovation!
<Other expenses>
Waterworks Utility fee It costs 5,000 yen only when moving in, please split from the following month.
Luggage, rental space · warehouse (if you want to put on parcels and resident cards) 10,000 yen / month
Please register for corporate registration and consult us.
<Transportation method>
Gakken Municipal Line (Katamachi Line) 5-minute walk from Higashi-Neyagawa Station
Osaka Electro-Communication University Bicycle 12 minutes
Osaka Sangyo University bicycle 25 minutes
Keihan main line Neyagawa-shi station From the entrance to the ticket gate bus 21 minutes
39 minutes by train from Umeda station entrance
Higashi-Neyagawa Station - Kyobashi Station 25 minutes
Higashi-Neyagawa Station - Kitashinjiku Station 27 min

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