Rent Apartment 1R wallpaper ♪ Yachiyo choose

No.207503 Rent(Not Share)
Smoking no preference
Nickname ? -
Region ? Chiba
Date posted 2019/03/15 10:35
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2019/03/15 10:35
Rent ? 38,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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Individual property owner it has been posted on here straight (^^) v
During construction the renovation of wallpaper ♪
!! You can move to select the wallpaper of prefer one side of the wall if now
Goi change do Desuyo I impression of the room with wallpaper.
By the way, so not through a real estate agent's, the costs (brokerage commissions and disinfection costs, etc.)
Saving and I can be your moving in ♪
Consultation and negotiation can also talk to the direct per cent (laughs)
Contract form is not a share-based, becomes a regular rental agreement.
(On guarantee company or guarantor person)
The rooms, 6 Pledge Western-style + kitchen, closet shoe box
Indoor Laundry Storage and new eyes, air-conditioned, high-function IH stove · IKEA lighting table rug with
Refrigerator, microwave oven can also be service
Who Otsutome in Tokyo, who Otsutome to Narita direction, such as toward the car commuting in the suburbs
We have gotten you live.
On-site, indoor garage with a roof jewels 8,000 yen per month in 1F.
... That was worrisome little.
Such people are, please contact anything (^^) v
If you have any feel free to contact us (^^) v
Per usual rent, but general rule is if you use the guarantor's and guarantee company
And flexible as possible.
Reply is always returned.
If the answer is in this site through when you do not come in one to two days
Please check the domain specified and junk e-mail box as can receive mail.

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