Higashijujo quiet house shopping street from Station.

No.211344 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? suteppu
Region ? Tokyo Toshima
Date posted 2019/08/16 21:15
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2019/08/16 21:16
Rent ? 45,000yen(per month)
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You can use the train two-wire and bus.

The nearest station is Higashi-Jūjō Station of the Keihin Tohoku Line (7-minute walk)

subway Nanboku OojiKamiya Station (an 8-minute walk).

Shinjuku Koenji (1-minute walk to the bus stop) bus which runs in direction direct are also through.

Akabane is accessible in less than 10 minutes if walk 19 minutes bike to Station.

Shinjuku If you use well, Koenji, Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo, Iidabashi, Ichigaya, Roppongi, Meguro

We will go with the no-transfer direct.

Yokohama, Shonan, also Kawasaki area it will go direct.

It is useful to occasionally go to, such as a holiday day.

Since the 5-wire Akabane Station also close running through Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and I will go easily, such as Omiya.

It can anyway widely accessible because it is in Kita Ward, but it does not feel inconvenience.

Once, we have put the details of train travel time so please refer to it.

Higashi-Jūjō Station use

~ Ueno (14 minutes) - Akihabara (18 minutes) - Tokyo (22 minutes)

Prince Kamiya Station use
~ Iidabashi (16 minutes) - Meguro (36 minutes)

Akabane Station use
- Ikebukuro (8 minutes) - Shinjuku (14 minutes) - Shibuya (19 minutes)

Direct low-floor bus use to Shinjuku
~ Shinjuku (about 30 minutes)

Shop necessary to life because it is close to the shopping street that followed about 800 meters to
It is usually aligned.

Cheap noodle shop, tavern, luncher, drugstore,

Hospital, rental video, banking, mobile shops, 100 average, cafes, thrift shop,

Clean bathhouse, such as the super public bath, home improvement, Nitori,

Fitness gym, climbing gym, road bike shop etc .....

It is easy people to self-catering so there is a supermarket just a 1-minute walk.

The famous Tsukemen-ya delicious has been taken up in the media may If you walk a little

You might want to, even in ramen lovers there.

Anyway, do not worry at all close to the environment and I think that you are happily living.

Good to the bathroom more than anything else, bath, laundry, toilet
bidet withBecause but guests taking a bath without worrying about such time because it is completely independent in the door withPeople of the night type is also okay.

Kitchen space is located approximately 7 tatami.

Smoking in the living room is also available.

Others in the refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave, and electric pot and then you are equipped of course

Internet wireless LAN also are available in the optical line

There is no well as tedious cleaning and dumping duty of shared space.

Also it will put bicycle.

This time recruitment of the room is the room with the key of 6 quires private room.

Since the storage in the flooring there are two is fine person also a lot of luggage.

It is with furniture such as a bed table and bookshelf, you can move if it is not needed but.

Air conditioning is there, of course.

It is possible, such as lending of other bedding.

Utility costs Those who rent, water bill, the Internet,

Other ¥ 51,000 in miscellaneous expenses included is a (real ¥ 41,000).

The first deposit and deposit, no need of initial cost well as guarantor is completely 0 yen.

Can you please move without other cumbersome procedures.

Also it is possible when it was occasionally well as friends and family visit.

Current members average age in the three males is the early 30s.

Anyway, even though this house is quiet, so it is out in the bustling shopping district if you go to one streak

It is safe to Sai, which is returning home late at night because the pedestrian traffic often without even lonely without


Please feel free to contact us because I think that you liked if you actually look once.

Thank you for your attention.

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