[Rent 25,000 yen] Share house with gym "Fit House Higashi Nagasaki" [Campaign!]

No.214229 Guesthouse
Single Room Domitory Only
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? massuruhouse 東長崎
Region ? Tokyo Toshima
Date posted 2020/01/11 15:13
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2020/01/11 15:13
Rent ? 30,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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[Campaign until the end of January]
<Limited to 2 women only>
・ 3 months after moving in
30,000 yen (= rent: 25,000 yen + utilities and Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
・ After 3 months
33,000 yen (= rent: 28,000 yen + utility costs, Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
* There is a penalty of 10,000 yen for voluntary evacuation within 4 months after moving in.
* Due to the nature of the community house, we only allow people who can communicate in Japanese.
※ We will explain the detailed rules of share house at the time of preview.
* This property is completely non-smoking.
We have the same facilities as a training gym while at home.
You can train as much as you want when you want.
Each room has one desk.
Immerse yourself in a comfortable space.
It is a perfect share house for those who want to enjoy a fulfilling life while working and hobby while training their body.
Since multiple routes are available, it has good access to major cities such as Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.
The rent when the campaign is not applied.
・ Room 101 (2 persons, 1 room: male)
43,000 yen (= rent: 38,000 yen + utilities, Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
・ Room 201 (1 room for 2 people: male)
45,000 yen (= rent: 40,000 yen + utilities, Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
・ Room 202 (1 room for 3 people: male)
43,000 yen (= rent: 38,000 yen + utilities, Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
・ Room 203 (1 room for 3 people: female)
43,000 yen (= rent: 38,000 yen + utilities, Wi-Fi fee: 5,000 yen)
In addition, 10,000 yen and insurance premium of 5,000 yen are required as initial preparation fee when moving in.
[Entering conditions]
・ Men and women under 35 years old.
・ No smoking.
・ Network business and MLM activities are prohibited.
However, products can be used.
・ For those who can communicate in Japanese due to the nature of the community house
I have a limited time to move in.
・ Please check here for the rules in the house.
httpsdocument / d / 1nO1Jg5xqwQiz_jjNuC7AUS-Nfij30eMt0Lt0sJo-AlI / edit?
usp = sharing
[Frequently asked questions]
Q. Is it okay to shoot inside the gym?
A. There is no problem shooting.
However, if there is a resident, we would be grateful if you could respond without giving a word.

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