Would you like to live in a share house with a foreigner?

No.220437 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? emirihouse
Region ? Tokyo Shinjuku
Stations nearby
Date posted 2020/11/24 13:24
Rent ? 55,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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Would you like to live in a share house with a foreigner?
Residents are mainly foreigners and working people in their 20s and 30s.
Even if you don't go to a cram school, you can improve your English by immersing yourself in English every day.
There are many 100-yen shops and supermarkets nearby, which is very convenient.
Now, America, Canada, Taiwan, France, Russia, South Korea, Japan, etc.
There are many convenience stores and restaurants.
The property is in a residential area, so security is perfect, and even though it is a Shinjuku business district, it is quiet and safe at night.
Since it is a private room, both men and women are allowed, but it is a property where women can feel at ease.
With a deposit of 10,000 yen, a private room of 4.0 tatami mats, a rent of 55,000 yen, and a utility bill share of 3,000-8,000 yen, you can move in immediately.
The room is equipped with wireless WIFI such as bed, bedding, desk, chair, closet, color box and refrigerator.

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