A share house made by the owner who went around the world! 20 minutes from Namba

No.220514 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? haru
Region ? Osaka
Date posted 2020/11/27 17:03
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2020/11/27 17:05
Rent ? 20,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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Hello everyone! This is Hull, the owner.
I have lived in share houses all over the world, and now I have turned my grandma's house, which had been vacant after returning from around the world, into a share house!
The share house we aim for is "comfort," "fun," and "friends."
There's a cozy living room, and there are fun family-like friends out there, and I enjoy spending time with them every day.
When I came back, everyone was in the living room, "I'm home," "Welcome back," and "What were you doing today?"
"I have something like this today ..." There are conversations like that every day, and I gradually become a family.
Become a companion.
That is the original goodness of the share house, and what we are aiming for.
We are a share house where about 10 people can get along quickly.
There are plenty of events where everyone can get along!
If you find this interesting, please come visit us.
I think this is better for people who have no friends in Osaka yet and come from rural areas.
You can make friends as soon as you come here!
The people who live are fun people in their 20s and 40s.
Students also live there.
Feel free to contact us! Just ask a question!
The tour is free! Welcome anytime!
I am such a person ↓
■ Location
Kitanoda, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture (20 minutes from Namba)
■ Rent
Shared room 20000 yen
Private room 30,000 to 40,000 yen
■ Common service fee (utility fee, water fee, internet, daily consumables, etc.)
10,000 yen
■ Parking lot
There is a parking lot in 30 seconds on foot.
7,000 yen a month.
It's cheaper than in the city center! Great for people who have a car
■ Nearest station
Kitanoda Station on the Nankai-Koya Line.
10 minutes walk from the station.
■ Security deposit / key money
■ Guarantor
■ Deposit
1 month rent
■ Initial cost
Rent for 2 months (1 month is a deposit.
Full refund when moving out)
■ Minimum contract period
It's okay from 1 month!
[Owner self-introduction]
nice to meet you all! My name is Hull.
He has lived abroad for 6 years.
A former backpacker who has lived in Australia, the United States and Canada and traveled around the world for four years.
I lived and traveled to various places all over the world.
Active snowboarder and surfer.
Former break dancer and fighter.
I love baseball.
I respect Hideo Nomo.
Japan has lived in various places from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
Experienced in Resoba.
Former snorkel instructor.
Originally working in the TV industry, former TV champion, Mezamashi TV AD.
Previous job was Apple.
Former smartphone enthusiast.
I remodeled my iPhone myself.
My bible is a legendary speech Jobs gave at Stanford University.
(See Youtube)
Currently, I am struggling every day to become a free person who can earn money with just one computer!
People who want to go abroad on a working holiday, study abroad, or travel, people who want to hear stories about the world, surfers, people who want to do something but do not know what they want to do, people who can not take a step, I can teach you various things. !! I'll push you back!
My trip around the world has become an article.
It was picked up by yahoo news and ranked first in the ranking!
Please come to see me for the time being!
Let's talk a lot.
Then decide if you want to move in!
[About this house]
Various people, including Japanese and foreigners, live here.
English and Japanese can be heard in the living room.
The living room is a large and cozy space with a kitchen of about 20 tatami mats.
Moreover, the house is a large mansion like an inn.
There is also a photography studio and accommodation facilities here, and customers come from all over the world.
I also shoot movies and dramas, and I can meet various people!

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