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No.221773 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 名古屋sharehousesoy
Region ? Aichi
Stations nearby
Meitetsu Tsushimasen Cloisonne enamel
Date posted 2021/02/13 14:24
Rent ? 22,500yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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(Chinese) *** Bunch tax half year exemption activity ***
Maximum conditions, general conditions on the Japanese market, unreasonable Taichi sample reduction.
The lowest price since the month of the month, 17500 days.
Violence related to violence, invasion of this direction, privacy, privacy, and privacy of me.
Emergency reception Foreign friend, many people emergency reception.
This is a very bright family-friendly family.
There are 4 types of rooms available, including a room, a Western-style room, a Japanese-style room, a balcony, and a balcony.
** Free rent for half a year ***
Please contact us for the conditions as they are different from the usual ones.
Start from at least 17,500 / month.
If you have DV, bankruptcy, or other circumstances, we will keep your confidentiality and consult with you about anything.
Even foreigners are okay.
Multiple people are welcome.
It is a bright and family share house.
There are 4 patterns depending on the size of the room, Western-style Japanese-style room, with or without storage, and with or without veranda.
⚫ 2A Western-style room (4.5 tatami mats) Rent 22,500 yen + common service fee 17,500 yen, key money: 2 months rent
⚫ 2B Japanese-style room (6.5 tatami mats + storage) Rent 35,000 yen + common service fee 17,500 yen, key money: rent 2 months
⚫ 2C Western-style room (6.5 tatami mats + storage + veranda) Rent 42,500 yen + common service fee 17,500 yen, key money: rent 2 months / facing south
⚫ 2D Western-style room (6 tatami mats + veranda) Rent 35,000 yen + common service fee 17,500 yen, key money: rent 2 months / facing south
❊ Common service fee 17,500 yen per person (5,000 yen for children, dogs and cats)
✻ You can share LDK, washroom, bathroom, toilet, etc. (about 30 tatami mats in total).
Please contact us for details.
We also recommend a tour.
Oharu Town is a quiet residential area, which is closer to Meieki than Nagoya City and is very comfortable to live in.
(Saijo Meieki ⇒ 24 minutes, Jinmeji Meieki ⇒ 12 minutes, Home Meieki ⇒ 25 minutes.
There is a parking lot.
We take thorough infection prevention measures and security measures.
Common service fee = utility fee, equipment usage fee, equipment repair fee, fire insurance fee, WiFi fee, reception fee, town fee, first aid box, consumables fee (trash bag, light bulb, mask, alcohol disinfectant spray, for wrist disinfection Gel, body soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, bleach, softener, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing liquid, mold remover, toilet cleaner, toilet paper, tissue paper, deodorant fragrance, disinfectant spray, vapor mat)
The first-come-first-served basis also has a loft bed, desk, and chairs.
Please feel free to contact us.
There are various options.
Car share, food expense share, super public bath share, mobile phone share, water share, cleaning share, etc.
Why don't you share it with everyone and live cheaply?
For more information, please visit our website.

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