April opened in Shinbashi! Resident integrated CO-Living space!

No.222444 Guesthouse
Single Room Domitory Only
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 藤原勝
Region ? Tokyo Minato
Stations nearby
Date posted 2021/03/18 15:50
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2021/03/18 15:56
Rent ? 40,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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We have opened a new sense of unity-type share house in Shinbashi, Minato-ku, the middle of Tokyo! As we build four-story building, it is very beautiful ♪
There is a CO-working space that is free for residents' use, and there is a customer space, a cafe space, an event space, a communal living, a communal kitchen and a bedroom exclusively for women.
All floors have Wi-Fi, so it's perfect for work and desk work! Joint living.
I will also have TV games and board games! You can play switch or ps4 with residents while relaxing in the dugout Japanese room! Good to cook together in the communal kitchen.
The 4th floor is a bedroom for women only and a veranda.
How about sun rising on the veranda immediately after waking up in the morning ♪
The toilets are on all floors, and the baths are on the second and fourth floors.
[What is the CO-Living Space?
Meaning to share living room.
Things like a shared house where people live and are open to visitors like a guest house, and like a co-working space, people with various occupations gather and work together. is!
[What is the difference from a regular share house?
In this share house, the second floor is a CO-working space, a cafe space, and an event space.
The 3rd floor is a CO-Living space and a communal kitchen.
The 4th floor is a bedroom for women.
Unlike regular share houses, customers come and go.
Since it operates as accommodation like a hostel, many people can live in a short period! In addition, cross-industrial events, board games and humanoid game events are regularly held on the second floor! Perfect for making friends and connections!
【I recommend this hotel】
● I'm in Tokyo for about half of the month, but it's a waste to contract a share house.
(There is a discount depending on the number of days you use ♪)
● Although the office is in the city center, the house is away from the city center.
● I want a cheap place to stay when I missed the last train in the city.
● Use CO-working space often.
● I want to make friends and make connections.
● People like board games.
【Qualification requirements】
women only.
Those who can obey the minimum manners and sharehouse rules in living together.
Instead of living cheaply for 30,000 yen, we may ask for reception and staff of CO-working space, such as cleaning and trashing.
It is a simple task that anyone can do.
Everyone is welcome if you can speak Japanese!
30,000 a month
No deposit money at all!
Not every day ~.
If you want to use as a second house-there is a discount depending on the number of days.
And how ...
Those who can speak English well and have a strong customer service are ¥ 15,000! ! If you can also help the event will be paid out ♪
・ We can do trial entering for free now!
・ Only address use is possible (month 5,000 yen)
・ Rent negotiable Please contact us.
・ Free use of the second floor CO-working space.
・ Free drinks are free
・ It is free for event and drinking party participation to be held in event space.
・ It is delicious with it.
I can eat the food made by a professional chef ♪
Near JR Shimbashi Station! Super high location
7 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station
An 8-minute walk from Shiodome Station
8 minutes walk from Daimon Station
4 minutes walk from Onarimon
The best access! Within a minute walk from a convenience store or supermarket.
I can walk to Tokyo Tower and Toranomon Hills ♪
Furthermore, there are bicycles for residents, so it's easy to move around in Minato Ward!
【Application template】
1 Name:
2 Name (Kana):
March Budget * To be as honest as possible:
4Uchimi and preferred date of entry:

Other expenses
Utility expenses, water charges, gas charges, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Japan accommodation 建物共用施設
Japan accommodation 間取図
Japan accommodation 間取図
Japan accommodation リビング
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