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Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? aki
Region ? Sendai Izumi
Stations nearby
Date posted 2021/03/24 07:08
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2021/03/24 07:10
Rent ? 26,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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All rooms are compatible with free Wi-Fi internet free use all you can do air conditioning complete Blu-ray record reproduction possible.
It is a beautiful room of a newly built detached house six years.
Nakayama close to the ion.
There are 8 tatami flooring and 8 tatami mats in a Japanese style room, all rooms are air conditioned and fully equipped.
The living kitchen toilet bath will be shared space.
We ask for meals, consumables on their own.
The price of light and hot water will be 5000 yen a month.
Public Facilities Seiwa Junior College Tohoku High School Izumi Campus It is a good point adjacent to Minami-Nakayama Elementary School junior high school.
Hall post office Bank of 77 Bank Long-lived Kaiga branch Shinkin bank, other ATM are nearby.
Commercial Facility Premium Izumi Outlet Ion Nakayama Cafe Convenience Store Ramen Shop Okonomiyakiya Karaoke DIY Center Pharmacy TSUTAYA GEO Many.
Living room with large 70-inch TV with Blu-ray Completion of 1st floor 2nd floor Washlet.
PC outlet complete Foot massage machine Massage chair Reclining bed Epilator Equipped with facial equipment.
Because there are two cars, you can lend me your gasoline fee at my own expense.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for details and so on!

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