Ryogoku share town share house

No.222792 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? share街
Region ? Tokyo Sumida
Stations nearby
JR Central and Sobu Both countries
Toei Oedo Line Both countries
Date posted 2021/04/07 17:43
Rent ? 50,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
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We are looking for tenants at Ryogoku Share House, one of the real Kyoto in the "Share Town" that shares the town.
It is a 6-story retro building with large windows and excellent sunlight.
There is a feeling of openness.
Since there are only up to 2 rooms on one floor, it is perfect for those who want to interact in common areas while emphasizing privacy!
◆ What is a "shared town" that shares a town?
The shared town is a virtual town with 5 real and 15 online "Kyoten" where you can try various ways to create a community.
There are residents who actually live and related residents who live online from Hokkaido to Okinawa, students to 60s.
Little Japan introduced on this page is this 0th share house (0th Avenue)!
< Share Street Official Website >
< Click here for details on the shared town >
◆ Facilities / Vacancy information ◆
< 1F >
・ 101: 7.0 Tatami Western-style room (private room) < Vacancy >
・ Reception corner (coworking space)
< 2F >
・ 201: 11.2 tatami mat room * Full
・ 202: 7.6 Tatami Western-style room * Full
< 3F >
・ LDK: 12.9 tatami mats (living room, kitchen)
・ Washroom
< 4F >
・ 401: 6.0 Japanese-style room (private room) < Vacancy >
・ 402: 6.1 Japanese-style room (private room) * Full
< 5F >
・ 501: 11.4 Tatami Western-style room (private room) < Vacancy >
・ 502: 6.1 Tatami Western-style room (private room) * Full
< 6F >
・ 601: 6 Tatami Western-style room (male dormitory)
・ Balcony (male dormitory)
* Restrooms are available on each floor up to the 4th floor.
◆ Rent etc. ◆
< Initial cost >
Rent for 1 month (no refund)
< Rent >
・ Dormitory rent: 38,000 yen
・ Private room rent: 68,000 to 76,000 yen
< Common service fee >
・ Common service fee: 12,000 yen (+6000 yen if 2 people live in a private room)
* Including utilities and internet
* Including daily necessities such as toilet paper and detergent
* Including the cost of cleaning once a week by a common area contractor
< Renewal fee, cleaning fee when moving out, etc. >
・ None (However, if you make a hole in the wall, smoke a cigarette, etc., you will be charged the actual cost of repair)
For details, inquiries, and applications, please contact below!
◆ Shared space that can be used in shared areas ◆
Currently, there are the following three spaces that can be used in the shared area.
・ Social Business Lab 2 (Coworking Space, Nihonbashi)
→ You can use the coworking space for free.
(Limited to 5 people)
→ It is also possible to register a corporation.
・ Little Japan (Guesthouse &amp; Cafe / Bar, Asakusabashi)
→ You will be able to participate in the monthly exchange meeting at the cafe / bar for free.
→ We are planning to issue "Tsuka" that can be used at accommodations and cafes / bars.
→ There is also an all-you-can-stay hostel pass for 15,000 yen a month
< Hostel Pass >
・ Ethical Pay Forward (Select shop, Nihonbashi)
→ We are planning to issue "Tsuka" that can be used with Ethical Pay Forward.
* Please note that the shared spaces and conditions that can be used change every month !!
◆ A great deal in April! ◆
・ 10,000 yen cash back for both introducers and residents by referral!
・ Free coworking campaign (first 5 people)!
・ Trial move-in campaign!
Click here for details: https://note.com/sharemachi/n/na77f5a4e4730?
magazine_key = m4e5d771b3210
◆ Peripheral information ◆
Convenience store: 6 minutes on foot
Supermarket: 2 minutes walk
Cafe Laundry: 2 minutes walk

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