Private room rental (28,000 yen / month ~) ☆ Benefits available ☆

No.223732 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? Jun-aeon
Region ? Chiba
Stations nearby
Shinkeiseisen Kitanarashino
Shinkeiseisen Takanekido
Toyo Rapid line Nihon bridge before
Date posted 2021/05/30 15:28
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2021/06/10 13:21
Rent ? 27,000yen(per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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[Tokyu Home Detached House (6SLDK) Private Room Rental on the 2nd Floor * Women Only]
[June Campaign]
☆ Part 1: Cash back 20,000 yen to contractors for 3 months or more!
☆ Part 2: Donate 20,000 yen as a new bicycle or purchase support to contractors for 6 months or more
☆ Part 3: Western-style room 10 tatami mats: 33,000 yen / month (up to 6 months)
☆ Part 4: Short-term stay: 1,500 yen / night
☆ Part 5: Students, cash back 5,000 yen every month from monthly rent!
[Rent] * Including management and common service fees
◆ Western-style room 5.5 tatami mats: 33,000 yen / month
◆ 10 Western-style rooms: 38,000 yen / month * 33,000 yen / month during the June campaign
◆ Japanese-style room 4.5 tatami mats: 28,000 yen / month * No air conditioning (fan compatible)
・ Contract period: 2 months ~
・ Security deposit / key money / renewal fee: None
・ Guarantor: Not required
・ Proof of identity: Required
◆ Short-term stay (1 night ~): 2,500 yen / room (up to 3 people) * 1,500 yen / night during the June campaign
◆ Telework use: 900 yen / day (9:00 to 18:00)
・ 20 minutes walk from "Funabashi Nidaimae" on the Toyo Rapid Line
・ 10 minutes by bicycle from "Kita-Narashino" on the Toyo Rapid Line / Shin-Keisei Line
・ 2 minutes walk from Shin-Keisei Bus "Karigome"
[Neighborhood facilities]
Big-A (4 minutes walk), Hotto Motto (3 minutes walk), Family Mart (5 minutes walk), Lawson (8 minutes walk) Co-op Coop (10 minutes walk), Bamiyan (3 minutes walk), Post office (3 minutes walk) 3 minutes)
[Storage space]
◆ Western-style room 5.5 tatami mats: 1.5 tatami mats (closet + closet), bookshelf
◆ Western-style room 10 tatami mats: 2.5 tatami mats (walk-in closet)
◆ Japanese-style room 4.5 tatami mats: 2 tatami mats (closet)
[Common space]
Dining kitchen, bathroom, toilet (2 rooms), washroom (2 rooms), laundry room, storage room, bicycle parking space
[Common facilities]
Refrigerator (315ℓ), microwave oven, electric kettle, oven, cupboard, TV (55 type), washing machine, vacuum cleaner, multifunction device (fax not allowed), cooking utensils, tableware, Wifi
[Private room incidental equipment]
Mattress, table (or desk & chair), air conditioner, fan, lighting fixture, laundry, electric kettle
・ Full renovation (scheduled to be completed at the end of June 2021)
・ High-speed Wifi (NETFLIX viewing free)
・ Resident's card registration is possible
・ Individual mail box can be installed
・ Aside from the dedicated storage, one tatami mat of storage space can be used.
・ Female under 50 years old, regardless of nationality, non-smoker
・ Owners are responsible for cleaning common spaces
For viewing and questions, please email us.



【和室(4.5帖)の貸出し ※エアコンなし】



photo of Japan roommate キッチン
photo of Japan roommate 風呂
photo of Japan roommate 洗面所
photo of Japan roommate Single Room
Single Room
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