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[Campaign] Jiyugaoka, Okusawa 5 minutes. Large bath, kitchen, living room [Free for the first month]

No.224843 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? nob
Region ? Tokyo Setagaya
Stations nearby
Tokyu Oimachi Jiyugaoka
Date posted 2021/08/17 13:18
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2021/08/17 13:21
Rent ? 59,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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5 minutes walk from "Jiyugaoka Station" on the Tokyu Toyoko Line
A 5-minute walk from Okusawa Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line
We remodeled a large detached house to 7LDK three years ago.
Currently, there are 6 men and women in their 20s and 30s.
I live in the neighborhood and visit about twice a week for cleaning, taking out trash, and replenishing consumables.
The room we are looking for this time is 7.5 tatami mats
(Room with storage, bed, desk and air conditioner)
Room keys, lighting fixtures, etc. are also installed.
Living / dining kitchen is 23 tatami mats
There is a large dining table and a large sofa
Wifi installation
Two toilets, large bathtub, kitchen with three gas stoves
Refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster, etc. can be used freely
About once every two months, we have a party in the spacious living room.
Participation fee is free and you are free to participate (currently small due to the influence of the new corona)
At the request of the resident, I put a piano, guitar and violin in the living room last year.
Please use if you want to play or want to play
Rent is 59,000 yen Separately from rent
15,000 yen will be charged as common service fee, utility fee, electricity, gas, water and sewage, consumables, internet fee, and other management fees.
No initial cost such as security deposit or deposit is required
The first month is only the daily settlement fee from the move-in date
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested
The preview is at my convenience
It is possible on weekdays, holidays, nights, etc.

Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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