Kyoto entrepreneur share house every month 10,000 yen OFF campaign!

No.225304 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? konseputosharehouse
Region ? Kyoto
Stations nearby
Kyoto Line Muko town
Date posted 2021/09/15 18:01
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2021/09/15 18:01
Rent ? 25,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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Share house can be a stimulating exchange of information entrepreneurs to each other in everyday "entrepreneur share house" was OPEN to Kyoto Following the Tokyo!
For the special campaign, all of the rent of 56000 yen 99000 monthly 10000 yen OFF!

Soon even the students who will soon want to entrepreneurs from annual sales of 5 billion scale of the veteran manager of the 40s, a wide range of people have gotten tenants!
[Current tenants, tenants prospective list]
★ veteran managers who raised the company to annual sales of 5 billion (travel business and four other in business development.
Management for 20 years.
Office use)
★ IT business management (management for 20 years based in New York.
Office use)
★ IT consulting company management (management history 11 years based in Tokyo.
Office use)
★ China affluent traditional crafts during the deployment of the sales business
★ during deployment after one round the world in the Kyoto Kyomachiya guest house business
★ up plans up a video business moved from Kanagawa to Kyoto
★ women in developing inbound business entrepreneurs
Female translator who emigrated from Mexico ★, belly dancer, yoga instructor
★ foreign students in Japan from the United States in the intern
★ second generation management's plan to take over the business of home
★ women entrepreneurs in launching a local community business
★ university students who want to assess the course seriously touching the outstanding member of society
★ real estate company sales manager that aims to further skills
★ returned from London during the deployment of the health care business
★ hairdresser who emigrated from Nagoya to Kyoto
★ freelance female translator
★ Kyoto University students of entrepreneurship plan
★ French couple in a study in Japan
Towards the more growth you want company employee from exchanges with excellent businessmen, students are also welcome ^^
That entrepreneurs share house that it is a movie that can be seen in three minutes.
Please take a look ^^
v = wJOKVl76IbQ
v = _EZB6cAqTk8

■ Kyoto

■ Tokyo

Japan accommodation 建物外観
Japan accommodation 建物共用施設
Japan accommodation 建物共用施設
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
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Japan accommodation シェアメイト
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