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Nickname ? 安田貴昇
Region ? Osaka
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Kintetsu Osaka line Kawachi Kokubu
Date posted 2021/12/25 15:23
Rent ? 62,000yen(per month)
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● Counter kitchen
▷ You can rest assured
You can cook while looking at your family's face, so you can rest assured.
▷ Easy to cook
Kitchen appliances such as rice cookers and cupboards can be placed on the back, so there is no problem with storage!
▷ Make it easier to call friends
I always turn my body to the living room, so it's easy to participate in conversations while cooking.
In this case, you may want to call a lot of friends.
▷ The room feels spacious
Since the living room and kitchen are in one room, the area of the room will be larger accordingly.
Furthermore, since it is partitioned only by the counter, a feeling of openness can be obtained.
▷ Can be used for interiors
Simply place small foliage plants and objects in a place that doesn't get jammed, and you can easily create a fashionable room ♪ Why don't you make a difference from your friend's room here?
And, there are various merits from the original usage to the interior.
● Wallpaper
It feels very good because it uses a color cloth.
It's hard to convey in the photos, so please take a look.
● Flooring
Clean flooring can reduce house dust and pollen.
Cushion floor so you don't have to worry if you spill water
● Ceiling height
The ceiling height is 2.6m, which is not found in ordinary condominiums, so it feels spacious without feeling oppressive.
Generally 2.4m
● Japanese-style room
Convenient for sleeping with kotatsu in winter and around summer
For those who think that Japanese people are tatami mats, it feels good to lie down, and the scent of grass is pleasant.
Tatami has functions such as heat insulation, heat insulation, soundproofing, and air purification.
Laundry can be placed directly, convenient for ironing and folding
If you use a futon, you can accommodate sudden guests.
● Floor plan
Comfortable morning awakening on the east facing balcony

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