[Ogikubo 50,000] A vacancy has appeared in a share house

No.226983 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? kina
Region ? Tokyo Suginami
Date posted 2022/01/13 12:43
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2022/01/18 11:15
Rent ? 52,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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Outstanding ease of living with a sense of modernity and peace of mind.
We are looking for tenants at Ogikubo House, which has both private rooms and balconies and is extremely comfortable to live in!
8 minutes by Chuo Line to Shinjuku, 15 minutes by Marunouchi Line, it is a share house in the popular Ogikubo area along the Chuo Line.
There are plenty of commercial facilities around Ogikubo Station, as well as large supermarkets and drug stores within 200 mm of the share house, cafes and large parks where you can easily drop in, making it easy to live in.
For those who focus on remote work, there are many places where you can work just by living in a house, or you can go out for a distraction within a few minutes on foot from your home.
Completely equipped with private rooms for each inhabitant! !! We also value a private space with a key.
There are also Japanese-style rooms with a beautiful atmosphere and sunny Western-style rooms with balconies and windows.
Please choose your favorite type.
There is also a living space where you can relax on the sofa and a large kitchen, which is rare in a share house.
In addition, since this house does not have a limit on the bath time, it is a nice point to enjoy a relaxing bath time even if you are late after work.
Until now, calm and independent working people have lived, and the sense of distance and the well-organized living environment are very attractive.
Cleaning is always perfect.
We are also waiting for those who are considering a share house for the first time.
[Introduction of the manager]
My name is kina and I am the owner of a share house in Ogikubo.
Currently, I am working on digital fabrication machines such as laser cutters / UV printers, and as a creator myself, I also run a share house while creating various works and giving lessons personally. increase.
I also have experience using design software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, and DTM, so I can teach a little while living.
We will strive to create an environment where people can live comfortably and feel good about living.
Please feel free to contact us!
[Rent / Vacancy]
101: In use
102: Japanese-style room type 6 tatami mats 53,000-
103: Western-style room type 5.5 tatami mats 58,000-
104: In use
201: Western-style room type 4.5 tatami mats 52,000-
202: Western-style room type 6 tatami mats 57,000-
・ In addition to the rent, + utilities (10,000 yen) will be collected.
・ There is no contract fee or annual contract renewal fee!
Wi-fi available
Equipped with air conditioner in each private room * 101 only
Washing machine
microwave oven
Large TV
Bicycle parking lot
Other expenses
53,000 yen to 57,000 yen
・ In addition to the rent, + utilities (10,000 yen) will be collected.
・ There is no contract fee or annual contract renewal fee!
【Initial cost】
Security deposit (1 month's rent) + rent + deposit for utilities, etc.
1. 1. Deposit: One month's rent Basically, a full refund will be given when you move out.
* If you move out less than a year after moving in, we will deduct 30,000 yen from the deposit and return it.
(Not required when moving to another room or another Come on UP house.
2. 2. Monthly expenses, rent and utilities deposits are calculated on a daily basis.
15 minutes walk from Ogikubo Station on the JR Chuo Main Line
15 minutes walk from Ogikubo Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
* There is a bus running from the station front to the front of the house.

Japan accommodation リビング
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation Single Room
Single Room
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation キッチン
Japan accommodation トイレ
Japan accommodation 風呂
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