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07/13 20:29
online training
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07/12 00:52
Single Room non-smoking

My name is Alessandra Inagaki, I'm Brazilian of Japanese ancestry and Dietitian.
I will be arriving at the end of July and I am looking for a single room (private room) to stay.
The shared house is fine too, but I wanna a private room.

I am looking forward to your reply. …

07/10 14:28
Single Room
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07/10 09:03
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07/05 02:39
Single Room non-smoking

Hey there,

My name is Roberto Hidaka, I am brazilian of japanese ancestry. I will be arriving in the end of August and I am looking for a single room (private room) to stay. Shared house is fine.
I am looking forward to a reply. …

06/19 16:23

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06/12 02:18
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05/30 13:16
Diabetes Congress 2019

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05/24 03:57

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05/22 15:11
Single Room non-smoking

Twenties men
I'm looking for a small group share house in a private room that can live from June.
Living alone-up to 4 people including myself
The location is within a 7-minute walk from the area nearest station Cala on the Sobu Line, Marunouchi Line, and Yurakucho Line, with good access to …


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