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05/27 09:11
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

The station which is 2 minutes from the station is a little share, it is for women only.
You can also walk to Ginza and Tokyo Station.
It's limited to 3 rooms, I can walk to Ginza
You can spend as an opening member now with a new open.
It is a very convenient place near the station.
There …

05/27 09:09
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Female only, 20 minutes at Hatchobori station, small group, no initial cost, storage is in front of the entrance of the station.
I can not get wet with the rain even if I forget the umbrella.
Moreover, as soon as I left the exit of the new elevator in front of the ticket gate, in reality it is abo …
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03/21 23:00
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)


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