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02/21 20:35
Single Room non-smoking

The scenic beauty of a green park 80,000 meters square spreads in your presence.
Furnished 1-bedroom 1-bathroom.
It is the residence overlooking the South area of Tokyo, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku with lush greenery changing color with the seasons. There are many restaurant …

02/05 23:24
Temporary moderated (Caution)
02/03 17:28
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

· Those who can prove their identity
· The utilities expenses, management fee etc are split half.
(3000 yen in the summer and 5000 yen in the winter)
· Smoking will be done
· Cleaning with each other
· Kitchen, bath and toilet are shared
· There are many things to use commonly
· It is conveni …
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02/01 16:38

Because share house is closed, there are massive futon sets and bed mats,
Please contact us if you want one. …

02/01 16:28
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Fukutoshin Line · Oedo Line Higashi Shinjuku 2 minutes, JR Shinjuku station 12 minutes, Marunouchi line 10 minutes, Metropolitan Shinjuku line 7 minutes, I can walk to Yoyogi.
There is a ladies' exclusive floor, why do not you join us with foreigners?
Room: bed, desk, TV, fridge, internet, ai …
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01/23 12:34
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

New Property OPEN! ! !
We are looking for a new sharemate for every 5 or more private rooms.
Private time can be secured firmly because it is a private room with all the rooms.
The nearest station is Oedo Line / Fukutoshin Line / Tokyu Toyoko Line Direct Line Higashi Shinjuku Station 3 mi …
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01/23 11:31
Single Room non-smoking

Why do not you live in a shared house with a foreigner?
Residents are mainly from foreigners and social workers in their 20s to 30s,
Even though I do not go to cram school, English skill will be upgraded every day with English pickup.
It is nearly 100 yen shop and supermarket, it is very convenie …

01/22 19:18
Temporary moderated (Caution)
01/15 12:16
Single Room non-smoking

Tokyo's most convenient area In the vicinity of Shinjuku Station, private room house with a key is looking for a roommate!
It is a good location with a 15-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.
Urban center access is outstanding ♪
Oedo Line Higashi Shinjuku 3 minutes, JR Shin-Okubo Station 10 …
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01/09 14:17
Single Room non-smoking

Immediate accommodation possible!
15 minutes by Shinjuku station on JR Yamanote line, 3 minutes on foot from Higashima Inn ! It is an introduction of a favorable location share house that can suppress initial costs with a low budget.
Reservation till 8/31 Tenancy Initial month rent 50% off.
Conte …
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