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12/08 19:01
Single Room non-smoking

※ We are recruiting Aichi share house roommates ※
It is a share Nagoya that operates 8 share houses in Aichi Prefecture
All property private room
Toilet bath
Immediate entry possible
Please consider the share house which is more fun, cheaper than home life, and also has home appliances.
We rai …
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12/07 11:26
Single Room non-smoking

You can use it as an office or an atelier.
1 We will rent one room of an old apartment as a share house.
☆ Only bath and laundry are shared, and there is a kitchen and toilet in each room.
☆ It is a 5-minute walk from Ichikawa bus stop.
Convenience store Lawson store 100 steps 5 minutes, 7-Eleve …
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12/07 04:52
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

I'm a Japanese female Chrisitian who live in Kofu , Yamanashi, Japan.
I'm looking for a Greek female Christian who can live with me in an apartment room in Kofu.
I rent an apartment space with two rooms. Currently there is a vacant four and a half tatami mat room with an air condititoner …
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12/04 17:59
Single Room

It is a detached house in Chuo-ku, Chiba City.
Those who have ever attended foreign language schools in the city, those who commute to Chiba city ...
People are welcome to international exchange, so please take a look.
Walk to Chiba University Medical School (about 3 minutes by bicycle) to Chiba …
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11/29 11:15
Single Room non-smoking

A property near Arai Yakushimae Station.
This is a household apartment.
The total floor plan is 3LDK.
One of them will be recruited because there is a space in the private room of 4 tatami mats.
Currently two people are moving in.
The room layout is 3LDK.
There is one room per person.
About 1 …

11/24 21:37
Single Room non-smoking

It is a room that can be entered the same day in a private room with a key (* ゜ ▽ ゜ *)
Short-term use in job hunting is also possible! Please feel free to contact us.
All shared daily necessities are complete.
You can move with one trunk.
In front of the station, Starbucks, TUTAYA, and a …
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11/24 21:05
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Multiple Posts)
11/23 12:49
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for a room of 6 tatami mats (flooring) in a single house! We are planning to move in mid-December.
8 minutes on foot from Tobu Urban Park Line `` Edogawadai '' station,
If you go to Nagareyama Otaka no Mori (about 14 minutes by bicycle)
Tsukuba Express is also availabl …
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11/21 15:57
Budget Stay
Single Room non-smoking

2 minutes on foot to Tobu Tojo Line Shimoitabashi Station (150m)
7 minutes walk (500m) to JR Itabashi Station
10 minutes walk (800m) to Shin-itabashi Station on the Toei Mita Line
25 minutes walk to JR Ikebukuro Station (2km)

Private room ¥ 29,000-35,000 / M. (+2 year insurance ¥ 13,000)
The …
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11/17 17:25
Single Room

Among floor plan 3DK,
・ 6 tatami mat room / ¥ 26000
4.5 Tatami Western-style room just outside the entrance
[Necessary documents and initial costs for moving in]
Or you can rent a 6 tatami mat room.
Within walking distance to Ageo Station (about 10 minutes)
We are raising many cats,
-I …
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