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09/21 16:02
Single Room non-smoking

I have one extra room I'm renting, so I'm thinking of renting it.
No ID is required.
The room is a private room of about 6 tatami mats, with storage space
I have a Wi-Fi contract, so if that's okay, the internet is free.
The furniture is only a bed and a bookshelf.
There is no …

09/19 00:19
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09/17 23:59
Single Room

It is a detached house share in Chuo-ku, Chiba.
Those who have attended foreign language schools in the city, those who commute to Chiba city ...
People are also welcome to exchange internationally, so please take a look.
To Chiba University School of Medicine (about 3 minutes by bicycle) Walk to …
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09/17 14:48
Single Room

We are looking for roommates in Chatan Town, which is popular in Okinawa Prefecture.
The room is a completely private room.
No utility bill required.
Free parking available.
There is also a training room.
There is also a shared kitchen and shared living room so you can live happily ^^
The room …

09/14 19:29
Single Room non-smoking

About 20 minutes on foot from Neyagawa Station Parking lot available
It is located about 5 minutes by bicycle from cheap supermarkets that are open 24 hours a day, such as Aeon, Trial, and Lamu in Shijonawate.
There are post offices, convenience stores, etc. nearby, so it's a good place to li …

09/14 09:15
sharehouse Lien (rian)
Single Room non-smoking

A new share house is being prepared in Shigezumi, Kokuraminami-ku.
The move-in will start in October.

Only those who have applied in advance by 9/30 will receive a curtain gift.

Rent 29,000 yen
Utility fee, Wi-Fi, management common service fee 19,000 yen
The utility bill is a fixed amount.

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09/13 22:59
Single Room

2 minutes walk to LAWSON.
Near Naganuma Baseball Field in Katagami City.
It is a quiet and comfortable place to live.
To Akita Prefectural University Akita Campus
About 30 minutes by bicycle.
15 minutes from Oiwake station.
Currently being remodeled and completed by the end of the year.
Recru …

09/13 21:09
Single Room non-smoking

○ Rent 30,000-33,800 yen
○ Floor plan Western 6 tatami to Western 12 tatami
○ Number of rooms 4
○ Building structure Wooden
○ Number of floors 2nd floor
■ There is a parking lot
■ Private room facilities
Electric lighting / air conditioner / refrigerator / TV bed
■ Shared facilities Kitchen …
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09/13 20:40
Single Room non-smoking

★ 10 minutes from Magomezawa Station on the Tobu Noda Line Urban Line
① It is about 9.5 square meters.
33000 yen
The bed, small refrigerator, and TV storage are large.
② 5 tatami room It is on the balcony side.
30,000 yen
The bed, small refrigerator, and TV storage are large.
Convenient for d …
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09/13 13:18
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for a sharemate in Kitakagaya area.
A short walk to the nearest station! The living environment is quite quiet.
To Namba, 10 minutes by subway.
There are two types of rent: 30,000 and 50,000. (dorm or private)
All fees are included, including utilities.
International vibe with so …


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