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08/27 16:48
Single Room non-smoking

Nice to meet you, Omiya house manager Taniyama (Taniyama).
We are looking for lovely men and women who want to live in a comfortable and beautiful house.
Because foreigners live, we can do international exchange with nature.
Those who want to use English, those who are interested in English are w …
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08/15 10:47
Single Room non-smoking


京都駅、観光地もすぐ 円町から5分 リフォーム済 家電、家具 カバンひとつで入居可能 39,000円

JR円町駅から徒歩5分 バス停すぐ


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07/28 16:23

I'd like to recruit 4 people who can live in this house.
There is a kitchen, living room, bath, toilet and garden on the first floor.
On the second floor there are 2 private rooms of about 7 mats.
There is one bunk in the private room on the second floor.
There are two mattresses currently …


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