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12/17 14:56
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)
12/15 12:16
Roku Go House
Single Room non-smoking

Hello :) We have just opened a room share house with rooms between 50,000 Yen to 80,000 Yen. All included in the price!
No key money No guarantor, No utilities fee No Management fee,
Deposit only half month rent. Great for couples or individuals.
2 minutes walk from Rokugodote Station on the Kei …

12/14 17:15
Single Room non-smoking

For more information
→ = 676

Due to the favor of the owner who wants to cheer for young people who work hard in Tokyo, it is reasonable rent setting.
Sharehouse Hidamari There are two ways along the line that you can use from "Nishikokubun …
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12/14 13:03

The first 60 days is 27,000 yen / 30 days.
Since then, large bed 36,000 yen, small bed 33,000 yen / 30 days.
In deposit 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen refunded upon departure.
Utility bills None.
Showers, washing machines, Dryers :100 yen.
The room is dormitory.

Metro Marunouchi Line, Nakano-Sh …

12/13 16:41
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)
12/12 18:45
Single Room non-smoking


Lovely private room available from January 11th 2019
6 tatami mat room facing a small garden
Including extra large closet space
You can choose between futon or bed

5min walk to Hatsudai station
Hatsudai is 1 stop from Shinjuku station
You can walk to shinjuku or yoyogi park

12/10 11:24

It is a half of a 25-year-old man.
I am in trouble because I have not yet lived in Tokyo.
I am looking for someone who can live with utility expenses of around 10,000 for a while.
I am cooking, I am bisexual with a bright personality, but invite me from the gay people, please do not act like show …

12/10 11:16

I can walk to Ikebukuro.
The nearest is Gokokuji and Shin - Otsuka, which is a 5 - minute walk away from both stations.
Photothermal cost 30,000
Although it is not a private room, there is a private space as there is a wide loft.
You can also sleep with a futon under the loft.
I am half-20 male …

12/09 23:11
Single Room non-smoking

NWe've renovated Japanese traditional house to beautiful share house.
Good access to everywhere,especially SHIBUYA(3 mins by train),SHINJUKU(9 mins by train).
8 min walk to SHIMOKITAZAWA station.
Quiet residential area. Popularity and convenient location.
There are many excellent restauran …

12/04 15:34
Single Room non-smoking

Shirokanedai House in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku.
It is within a 10-minute walk from the station.
Near the house
Don Quijote, convenience stores, temples, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.
The nearest station,
Shirokaneidai Station Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Metropolitan Underground Mita Line
Takanawa …


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