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11/23 10:55
Single Room non-smoking

Guest house operated by [Yonawara-cho, southern Okinawa] (6 rooms in total)
There is no deposit, brokerage fee, etc. foreigners welcome.
A.Recruitment of roommates in Male/Female separate dormitory 4 bed room (non-smoking).
(45000 yen / month)
B.4 tatami mat private room with key (non-smoking)

01/14 07:54
Buddy Asia
Single Room non-smoking

Large private room available now!
Rent: 40,000 yen/month.
Utilities fee : 12,000 yen/month (Includes electricity, water, gas, internet, household things etc...)
Handling fee 10,000 yen
Total moving cost is 62,000 yen only
No need deposit and guarantor.
Fully furnished, WIFI, private room.

01/03 20:58
Single Room non-smoking

I just came Okinawa looking for room share in Chatan or Ginowan please let me know can teach English for free. yours sincerely, …

12/07 11:47
Single Room non-smoking


☆和室4.5畳 27000円 小さな押入れと壁面収納あり。お部屋にはミニデスク 座布団 カラーボックス ゴミ箱 扇風機 金庫が備え付けです。

★和室4.5畳 25000円 リビング・キッチンに面しており、壁の二面がふすまです。多少の音など気になさらない、学生さんなど向けのお部屋になります。
ミニデスク、ラック、金庫、チェスト、冷風機が備え付け …
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11/29 06:01
Single Room non-smoking

I am a Naha citizen, but this is an apartment I rented because I had a hard time visiting the fields in Itoman City.
I was planning to use the surplus room to accept the farm stay, but we are not gathering and we are looking for a room share.
Wi-Fi available
No parking (private contract in the ne …


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