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11/27 02:06
Single Room non-smoking

It's still a long way off, but I'm looking for a room that can be reached within 30 minutes by train from Gotanda Station (Osaki Hirokoji Station) . I'm going to move around March next year (2020).
I prefer a private room if possible, but shared rooms are also okay in some cases.
I …
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10/31 21:10
Single Room non-smoking

Hello ! 

I am a French woman moving to Tokyo from January 2020 to July 2020. In order to better integrate in this new city, I would like to live in a shared apartment. I am looking for a shared house around Meguro district (<50 min of transportation) for a budget of 50,000 yen maximum. 

Als …
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10/26 16:08
Single Room non-smoking

I am looking for a private room to live in 23 wards from November 1st.
Private room with bed
Small number of people
20s man
Thank you. …

10/23 20:06
Single Room non-smoking

Please let me know if you have a room for me to rent.
Non-smoker, very clean.

I would like to move in soon. …

10/19 23:17
Single Room non-smoking

Hi guys!
German and Japanese couples seeking share house for the kind of private room.

It would be nice close to shinjyuku station or easy to get there.

We are very friendly and use to living with someone:)

Cheers …

10/17 01:07
Single Room non-smoking

I am looking for a room for 2 cats and 1 human.

If the place is good access to: Hamamatsucho, Tamachi, Daimon, Shiba Park, no matter the route.
(I want to stay in the city center.
Range should be within 20-30 minutes to the above stations)

I hope it within 5 minutes walk from the station, …

10/13 10:11
Single Room non-smoking

Urgently Need Room Near Tamachi Sta.
I am Oliver, permanent.
I need URGENTLY a private room in: apartment share, house share, near JR Tamachi, Mita, Shiba Koen, or Akabanebashi ...anything close, good and reasonable.
Best for me is share apartment with one person, preferably trustworthy female.

10/04 01:19
Single Room non-smoking

A 25-year-old man working in Tokyo.
I currently live in Itabashi by myself and pay ¥80000 for my room per month.
I need to save money to start my own business and are looking for a place where I can live without big money.
My budget is about 50,000 yen per month and I'm not picky for the pla …
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12/04 09:27
Single Room non-smoking

現在は3年くらいルームシェア をしていて、共同生活にはなれています。非喫煙者です。
ご連絡お待ちしてます!! …
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12/04 08:50
Single Room non-smoking





宜しくお願いします。 …
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