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10/12 23:53
Single Room non-smoking
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10/08 04:06
Single Room Female only

hello,I am a female who lives with 3dogs and
a cat in my home.
I have a spare room so I accept a roommate who is a female likes dogs and cats.
There is located 15 minuites from Shikama station,10 minuites from a shopping mall etc...
If you need a parking you can contact the parking where is loca …

10/04 13:27
Male only

Kotake Mukaihara Station
It is 3 stations from Ikebukuro.
It is a 14-minute walk from Kotake Mukaihara Station.
It takes about 18 to 20 minutes from Kami-itabashi station, Oyama station, and Tokiwadai station.

Fukutoshin Line and Yurakucho Line
The Fukutoshin Line is conveni …
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10/01 13:54

Nice to meet you.
I'm a 20-year-old night college student.
Now I'm working as a stage director assistant.
I'm often involved in the stage.
This year, my apartment in Tokyo has expired and I moved out.
We are looking for people who are okay with room sharing or living.
It's …
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10/01 12:56
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

✳️ Building Introduction This building is an old folk house and has two floors, but the entrances on the first and second floors are separate, and there are two rooms on both the first and second floors.
The kitchen, toilet and bathroom are all separate.
✳️ Everyday life It is a very convenient pl …
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09/30 16:16
Single Room non-smoking

One room with a walk-in closet with a loft is available. …

09/28 16:31
Single Room non-smoking

It is a 4-minute walk from Keisei Owada Station, which has been redeveloped in front of the Keisei Electric Railway station.
Foreign nationals living in Japan are also welcome!
Expenses and deposit of 10,000 yen will be refunded after the electricity and gas charges are settled on the day you move …

09/20 21:53
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

A private room with a key that emphasizes privacy in Narashino City.
It is about a 12-minute walk from Makuharihongo Station, and access to Tsudanuma Station and Keisei Okubo Station by bus.
Is also convenient.
Toho University, Nihon University Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology is abou …

09/19 00:19
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09/17 23:59
Single Room

It is a detached house share in Chuo-ku, Chiba.
Those who have attended foreign language schools in the city, those who commute to Chiba city ...
People are also welcome to exchange internationally, so please take a look.
To Chiba University School of Medicine (about 3 minutes by bicycle) Walk to …
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