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08/04 19:54
Single Room non-smoking

Would you like to live with a boy in his 20s in a fun and easy way at a 1K auto-lock mansion on Kamishakujii Station?
You can reach Takadanobaba Shinjuku in 15 minutes.
Rent Utility costs 36,000 yen including the following services.
Recommended points
1, I will take care of the laundry and litte …

08/03 17:25
Single Room non-smoking

PRIVATE ROOM with Share toilet bathroom and kitchen
In a quiet residential area
Direct Access to Tsukiji, Ginza, and Asakusa
There are restaurants, cafe, convenience store and many more
Just a 5 minutes walk from the nearest station
The room has a bed, aircon, desk and chair
Available now!!

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08/02 20:43
Single Room non-smoking

Unoccupied house reproduction project]
Share house for welfare support under the guidance of Representative Okuyama
Nishi-Fun "confiance" confession opened (^-^)✨
◎We are currently recruiting 3 new residents!
◎ You can use it for a short period of a few months or a long period …
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08/02 18:42
Single Room non-smoking

MIYAKO HOUSE share house in Kyoto
Address: Kameya-cho, Shenpon Nakatachiuli, Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto.

Rooms: 7 mat X 7rooms
Rent: ¥32,000 yen / a room / Month
Sharing fee: ¥ 10,000yen (gas,electricity,water, Internet, laundry, etc.)
Deposit: ¥32,000yen

*Special room for STUDENT!!
Rent: ¥ 28,00 …
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07/09 18:34

12 minutes walk from Mukaigaoka Yuen Station.
5 stories 4th floor, no EV
Up to 2 people
Air conditioner, refrigerator, gas stove, bed.
We decide that room sharing is not realistic at this time and lend it cheaply. …

07/08 17:41
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Miscategorized)
06/29 16:05
Single Room non-smoking

A detached share house in Katsushika Ward.
Private room (bed, air conditioner, table, chair, lighting, key) 5 rooms (1st floor: 2 Western-style rooms with a size of 5 tatami mats 2nd floor: 3 Japanese-style rooms with 4.5 tatami mats) and kitchen (with refrigerator and microwave) , Bath, washing ma …

06/29 13:33
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for a sharemate in Kitakagaya area.
A short walk to the nearest station! The living environment is quite quiet.
To Namba, 10 minutes by subway.
There are two types of rent: 30,000 and 50,000. (dorm or private)
All fees are included, including utilities.
International vibe with so …

06/26 10:50
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

The nearest station is JR Kobe Station, Shinkaichi, Kobe High Speed Line.
There are convenience stores, AEON, McDonald's, police boxes, parks, and bus stops nearby.
The rent for electric water and gas will be 30,000 yen.
(Air conditioning usage will be charged separately).
Air conditioner, …


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